the Bastards have gone too far

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by nebapneb, Oct 10, 2008.

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  1. :x :x :x
    Fcuking Cnuts

    oh, and good morning to you all! :twisted:
  2. Breakfast??? At school???!
  3. In the 1980's classic 'The Breakfast Club' the girl ate sugar puff sandwiches with extra sugar and it never did her any harm (except the fact that she was a bit of a mentalist).

    Schools ban everything periodically - when I was at primary school footballs were banned. We had to play with these horrible sponge balls that soaked up an incredible amount of water when wet - this is why I am not turning out at Wembley this weekend (in this litigous age can I sue for this stunting of my football skills development?).

    Give them back their marmite and give 'em a mug of bovril whilst your at it. Real food for real men!
  4. She was fit! Far better looking than the posh bint!

    I remember those balls. They were like big yellow sponges, great in the wet......for throwing at people.
  5. Yes, not so good for me though Smudge, having accidentally fired a shot wide that hit the (absolutely fearsome) headmaster square in the temple disloging is side parting and turning his pristine white hair a gritty, browny colour.

    The resulting treatment of Unlucky_Alf led to a redeployment to a defensive role, thus stunting my development and forcing me into a steady decline that has resulted in me now only being selected for the odd game when someone is drastically short and requires a bod to fill a shirt.
  6. And the Council has got nothing better to do? Fcuking Big Brother Government strikes again. Gaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

    Still there only Welshies anyway. Fcuk 'em, not like real people are they.
  7. I had that problem....but that's because I played rugby at school......none of this namby pamby football stuff.
  8. I later took up rugby in order to arrest the staedy sporting decline. Alas I fear that I was too late in the day! and was also overlooked by the national rugby selectors as well, Mrs Alf has now ordered a retirement from rugby and thus I now sit typing rather than playing sport for a living!

    And it's all because of those bloody sponge balls!
  9. sue for loss of earnings...
  10. Rugby on an ashphalt playground now that really did make a man of you. Then some busybody from the Council turns up and gets it stopped.