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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Gilgamesh, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. Primary interview,

    Hello all I’m aspiring to become an officer as a Graduate there appear to be numerous benefits. But I do have some simple questions, as I am one step on of the ladder. I went into the army careers officer today spent some time talking to a young man who had been discharged on medical grounds (although the fact he was 5ft nothing and you were unable to see him if he turned sideways may of been a deciding factor) and then approached the two NCO's who looked thoroughly confused when I asked about being commissioned, minutes later after the exchange of the basic information they booked me in for a interview later in the month.
    I was wondering what kind of form this interview would take and what kind of information and attitude would the interviewer be looking for, What is the rejection rate at this first hurdle?
    Also is this the interview with which if successful I proceed directly to the RCB (baring the medical checklist) and what kind of timescale can I expect between the two?
    I’m aware that these may be incredibly basic questions but I have never joined the army before. :D

    Thank you for any help and I apologise if this topic is already glaringly covered somewhere else.

    Just re-read that, sorry for the sub par dickens feel. :roll:
  2. He'll probably just ask you a few questions to determine whether you're serious or not and whether you would be suited as an officer. Chances are you'll then get a stack of brochures (try not to believe anything these say ;)) and some forms. I was also offered some visits to different regiments and a weekend at Sandhurst.
  3. I had mine not very long ago and i got grilled on current affairs, how my friends would dexcribe me, what they would describe as my faults, bit of history, what i wanted to do in the army, as well as parents occupation height and weight loads of stuff. Was a big surprise as i was expecting an informal question and answer session and it appeared to be more of a interview. After this he then offered me visits to the Infantry and the Artillery.
    Good Luck
  4. If he offers you a 2 day visit to RMAS- go for it, I went on mine when I was about 17 and it was a great two days...

  5. They will not invest time, money and effort trying to entice you in, only to find you have 2 heads, long hair, support terrorism and don't have the qualifications.

    The initial interview will simply be an opportunity to see the 'cut of your jib'. Assuming you appear sane, keen and genuinely interested, you will be fine. Having said that, it is an interview - go smart, make sure you have an idea about the organisation you want to join (i.e. the Army - don't worry, you don't need to be a jedi yet).
  6. Another question, does a degree override poor A-level results(a mispent youth) i've read that you need 120 UCAS points i don't know what that is in old money but i don't think i have it. Or does a degree count on the points board, i'm not actualy sure?
  7. You don't need a degree. My shiite A - levels have worked out just fine.
  8. I allready have a degree i also have crappy a-levels.
  9. Im planning on doing it without a degree, as for the 120 points it works like this : -
    Grade - Points
    A - 120
    B - 100
    C - 80
    D - 60
    E - 40

    Hope this helps
  10. Yes, but you’ll need to explain why you have poor A levels.
  11. oh it seems i scrape a 120 points.
    Reasons for poor grades
    A: i didn't do any coursework
    B i did the exams hungover
    C: i didn't revise
    D: they were in maths chemistry physics

    I've changed alot since i was 18 if i was still the same guy i wouldn't even bother trying for a commission.
  12. hmm, i did all of the above A,B,C and D and still got well above average
  13. I prefer the sound of the bloke you were at 18. Get him to join. He sounds like he had stacks more character than the reformed you. The lads would follow him (to the bar at least and if only out of curiosity).
  14. All hail you then.