The basic information on transferring to Australian Army

Hi there,

I'm posting to understand the process needing to take to request a transfer to the ADF. I've been threw the forum and looked into the sponsorship process on the ADF website, the main problems I have are:-

1. How many years do you of had to serve in the British army before a transfer to ADF is considered?

2. Is there a minimum rank as a soldier you have to be?

3. What if you are only at the very start of your Short Versitail Engagment and with the reserve army comitment being 6years if you only serve the minimum 4 years service does this go against you?

4. If you are single is it alot easier to be granted the transfer for immigration reasons?

p.s this is my first post I signed up to the forum today, I'm currently not a soldier I am about to start my phase 1 trainning at Catterick within 1week to become a Guardsman. I do understand I'm getting abit ahead of myself but its come to my attention that this could actually very well be a possibility I'm very interested in within a few years, thanks for any help!

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