The barracks, Tidworth/Perham Down

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by gimpy, Jan 15, 2003.

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  1. The only reason 8 aes go on tour so much is to get us out of the hell hole they call tidworth.
    Has anyone enjoyed living here and if you have WHY?
    All moral has been saped away nothing to do with a poor tour in the balkans :(
  2. I lived there as a kid and loved it.  Served there more recently (obvioulsy) and felt it had potential as a napalm testing range. :(
  3. and, as you will see rom my previous correspondence, it has seriously affected my ability to spell..... :-[
  4. I wasn't there at the time but I remember a story of a guy that was leaving the Army.

    The night before he left he apparently painted "The OC is a kn0b" or words to that effect on the side of 3 Sqn's block.

    On the day of his discharge, he was found out by the SSM and wasn't allowed to leave the camp until it was removed.

    The chap in question decided that it would be quicker to use a grinder borrowed from the G10 to get rid of the paint but in the process left a lasting reminder of his affection for his OC!
  5. Now pull up a bag lads. I was on the first RP staff that moved from Mooltan to Perham, more years ago than you can care to remember. That was one spooky barracks when it was empty. I'll tell you the story of the ghost of perham down another time.

    2 bloody tours ! Guess what unfortunate git got posted from 34 Sqn to 52 to find they were to move to - youve guessed it !!!

    Nostoi was a greek engineer !!!
  6. Hahaha....yeah,i've seen's still there...that's a bloody classic...10 out of 10 for effort!!! :lol:
  7. [quoteThe night before he left he apparently painted "The OC is a kn0b" or words to that effect on the side of 3 Sqn's block.

    I was in 3 AES at the time it was right before easter leave and if i remember rightly the badge went off his trolly and the leave was all but cancelled!!! Fortunately the spr decieded to hand himself in voluntarily of course.. :twisted: The next time i saw him was in split where he had just been declared medically obese!
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Was that around 1994?
  9. Fully agree. Perham is a dump. One of my mates had to chase rats out of empty blocks when 22 were in iraq. Having been a singlie there I know how bad it is.
  10. I hated every minute of my posting to Perham Down, however, it did mean I on tour somewhere in the world like Exercise Waterleap in Canada or some other godforsaken corner of the World. Spent 3 years there as a posting and 4 years as a kid when my old man was in.

    Still think my 'Armoured' postings were the best :D

  11. I was in Aliwal Barracks Tidworth Nov 74 - Apr 76, not the best place in the world I agree, Lack of single women was the biggest problem compounded by lack of transport. In the 70's very few soldiers below the rank of Cpl had their own wheels so it was a fight to get on any available transport out of the place. The weekly disco at HQ UKLF in Wilton was the main event of the week, also the "Country Bumpkin" in Andover was another hangout. (I believe the CB was burnt down some years ago)

    The best indication of the transport problem is to explain that every Friday afternoon a fleet of coaches (National Bus Company) would arrive at the Aliwal/Assaye parade square to take Tidworth soldiers home for the weekend. My coach (to Preston) went via Liverpool and would arrive about 11.30pm where my mum & dad (bless them) were waiting to pick me and take me home (to Lancaster 25 miles further north).
    With the return coach setting off at 10 pm Sunday night (eta Tidworth approx 4am) it was a lot of travelling just to have Saturday at home. The alternative however was to be marooned in Tidworth for the entire weekend!! at least the coach fare was cheap and the roads a lot less congested.
  12. Them were the day's Tiny. I alway's used to enjoy the weekly E&E from Bovy too.

  13. The easiest way to describe how bad Perham Down is, is to look at the car park at weekends. How many singlies stay there at the weekend, FCUK ALL. I live near there now and every Friday afternoon get a desperate urge to jump in my car and foxtrot oscar.
  14. i served at the "down" at the start of the 90's (8fd sqn) & it was a sh@t hole then went back couple of months ago to visit a mate who is a pad there & the place has hardly changed in the 13 years i have been gone what does that say about tidworth so i have to go along with the other posts, rubbish place but managed a couple of good tours whilst there & the long weekends were a bonus as well.
  15. i was at Perham down, in 3 Field Squadron from 1987 to 1990 and it was a miserable place to say the least.

    compounded by the jobsworth "yes man" management and complete lack of garrison facilities (unless you count pad sh@gging as a facility) I can honestly say i apart from the tours it was a depressing hole.

    Spent nearly all my wages every month just escaping from the place at weekends, the only people who stayed were duty bods, skint people and "orphans"

    Went back with my kid brother (ex 5 squadron) for a 5 sqn reunion a few years ago and stayed 2 rooms down from my old room in 3 sqn.... spooky.

    Still a depressing sh1t hole as far as i could make out, and we still sub consciously put on a burst of speed out of the main gate as we left camp, and turned left to head back towards civilisation...

    Shant be hurrying back.