The Barracks,Maidstone.

.Since becoming a fat drug-addled homosexual civi,i've heard a rumour that the beloved home of 61 field spt sqn has been bulldozed into a by-pass & the boys no longer have the pleasure of mincing from Invicta Park along Sandling Road without the evil-eye of Misters Purvis,Grimshaw et al complimenting all and sundry on their  conduct & bearing.

This begs a couple of nostalgia-oriented questions-
1-Does the White House still exist?I'm sure it was a listed building despite Plant & MTs' G10 contribution in getting a condemnation order put on the creaking gaff.

2-Owlets sandwich bar,The Dog & Bunny & another pub dead opposite possibly called The Grenadier?

3-A pub on the left hand side of Gabriels Hill that was 50/50 squaddies & Pikeys that went off in proper Wild West fashion at least once a month?
I think the whole lot went except for the sh1te house, which is now a restaurant ???
A restaurant!Does it do still do egg banjoes garnished with OMD 80? Mmmmm...... :p.
Didn't one of the pubs on the corner used to do £1-a-pint nights?

Still the money I saved bought me a new mattress when I got posted!
The bedding storeman was a mate of mine & allowed me to keep my piss ridden mattress after a 'beds stripped down' QMs room inspection.I took his advice to keep my new clean mattress in the locker top box and only use it for future room inspections.What a f*****g great idea!No cleaning charges and I get to swamp to my hearts content,oh happy days.
        Next OCs' room inspection called for beds stripped down,great,no probs-pissy mattress in locker.The stickman proceeds the OC into the room & announces locers to be opened as OC has developed new fetish for spot respirator checks.
       Imagine how they all chuckled as a concertinered lump of foam bearing more rings than a felled oak leapt out and assaulted the squadron hierachy.Once out of jail i became the proud owner of two sparkly clean mattress'.But not for long......
Good drills KF.

We had a inflatable doll that turned up in the block in Iserlohn once.  I'm sure it did the rounds with the guys, not me of course!
It turned up in one guys room on a Monday morning just before a SSM's room inspection. The badge sprang the "lockers open" trick and the half sh4gged, half shredded doll fell out with a bin bag full of empties from the weekend!

Poor bloke got more extra's than the cast of Ben Hur.

Were you in the mighty 61 per chance KF?
Firstly I was never at Iserlohn.Secondly,I've never been intimate with a latex chick so i'm exonerated on that story.
      You,re quite right about the mighty 61 sqn.I was in Plant/MT from 83-87 if my mind serves me right.
hey kf you just took me down memory lane i was in special forces resources from 88 91 the respirator checking oscar charlie  wasnt a stout  chap hated for both his obesity and stupidity was it ?

I do recall him being a portly chap & as much use as a chocolate fireguard.His name escapes me as I only had to suffer him for a couple of months.

I've found some photos of the old barracks & shall post them as soon as I figure out how to.
The pub on Gabriel's hill was called the bull, had a partition to keep the squaddies and pikeys apart, just after I left 50 sqn in 1990 it was renovated and the name changed to (I think) the tut and shive
I always thought the pub was called the Arches. Was a teenage pad's brat at the time and all my mates and I were petrified of going in there. There is still a problem with pikies in Maidstone kicking off with the lads. Shame as the town is pretty good considering its closeness to the Medway towns.
The Arches was just off the high street, they renovated it and reopened it in 89-ish and decided to ban squaddies, the birds who used to go there to pull the banned squaddies moved along to the squaddie pubs, business was so bad they put an ad on pt1 orders inviting us all back, I seem to remember nobody took them up on it.

just down and across from the Bull was Porkies winebar, run by an ex dropshort and his Mrs, a great night out taking the piss out of the yuppies with the landlord!
anyone ever meet "mad mary" she used to pull squaddies, shag them then accuse them of not loving her! ah the good old days!
The barracks gone? What a waste I spent ages painting all the kerbs. The SSM insisted I to work of all those extras before I left and he said he had always wanted them white. Hard punishment sitting in the sun in shorts painting kerbs when I sholud have been working. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Just having a laugh looking through the forums : THe Brompton Stomp etc when I found your`s. I was in the Barracks in the Early 70`s along with (me Dave Ransom : Steve Brincat : Bob Spowart : Chris Munroe : Dave Phillips : Keith Summerscales : ) and I have only ever found 1 photo from The Barracks, is there any chance of sending me your photo`s of the Barracks or any other readers to the forum???:D

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