The Barons been up to no good again

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by devilish, Jan 29, 2009.

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  1. Looks like our friend Jim has been a bit of a d!ck again,

    Of course you can Jim. :roll:
  2. the home office protection chief makes 30 grand?
    the same as a fullscrew?
    no wonder he couldn't be arrsed checking shortt's credentials.
  3. Surely there's a law against this?? I mean, if I got a job as a dentist because I decided to go around telling everyone I was a dentist, then surely I'd get nicked???
  4. Actually it's not an offense to pretend to be a dentist. Or a doctor, only to prescribe medicines if not entitled. But it is an offense to pretend to be a chiropodist. Something to do with dodgy people with foot fettishes... utterly bonkers though.
  5. It's got to be illegal to carry out dental work on someone that thinks you're a dentist?? I know it's just a bone example but the point I'm saying is that this man is getting work/making money by defrauding people. It'd be the same as me getting a job as a lecturer on astrophysics when I can barely spell the word..
  6. Funny you should pick those examples. I know a walt who's been hired/passd himself off as both, and been booted when he couldn't produce the credentials. Lying on your CV is technically fraud.
    You are right, it can be termed an assault if one does work unqualified (potentially GBH if causing harm), and if obtaining pecuniary advantage then yes, it is potentially fraudulent. But it's not illegal to set up shop and call yourself one, or to give medical advice.

    And I should point out I have no legal qualifications whatsoever, but have a keen interest in the habits of walts. :D
  7. Already being discussed HERE from page 154 onwards