The Barking National Party

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, Nov 15, 2009.

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  1. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Lets hope she's learnt from last time

    IIRC she couldn't get two words out recently on Question Time and was roundly booed every time she opend her gob (just after the expense row)

    I doubt Griffin has just thrown a dart at a board and picked this area at random

    As much as it pains me I think he's in with a shout
  2. They pulled off a win with 10% of the vote in Yorkshire in the Euro elections, but that was under PR. Thankfully, they haven't a hope under 'first past the post', not even in Barking.
  3. If I were a constituent, I'd vote Labour just to keep them out of power. Normally, I'd never consider voting for such a failed disgrace of a political party as Labour but I'd rather them getting an undeserved MP in power than the BNP getting a sniff at a seat in Westminster.
  4. If I was in Barking I would vote for him. Quite happily.
    Not because I like the man but I think PC Politics have buggered this country up so much he is a necessary evil to force mainstream oliticians to start listening to the electorate.
    For decades this country has swung back and forth between Labour and Conservative simply because people will vote for the percieved lesser of two evils (whatever is appropriate at the time)
    If Griffin getting a seat in Parliament can force either of the big two party's to actually sit up and listen to what the country wants then he serves a purpose.

    Labour's quest for multi-culturism at any cost is destroying this country, Cameron is fudging the issues, Griffin might be an unpleasant creature but he can force the issues to the fore.
    Why do you think the big party's are so afraid of the BNP? Simply because he can force them to actually do something. Both Labour and Conservative pay lip service to the electorate, if the BNP get a seat then that all changes.
  5. Whilst i agree with just about everything you have just said, i am not so sure that 1 BNP seat in parliment would make that much difference. He would probably become the centre of ridicule and if the goverment wont listen to a population of 60 mil + then they will hardly listen to 1 BNP member.
  6. I get your point.
    However I do think that if the BNP take a seat or two it will stir Labour and the Conservatives into action.
    Nothing else is going to......
  7. Its a sad state of affairs when we rely on the BNP to win seats, in order to get the main parties to sit up and listen to the country, but if thats what it takes then so be it!

    I am moving to Barking :D
  8. It tragic, but the truth is there are los of people out there who are starting to think the same
    Its not a popular school of thought round here though :D
  9. Thre BNP make kilroy silk's outfit look sane :twisted:
    but I can see the appeal of a protest vote
  10. How else can we force polticians to listen?
    There aren't many options anymore. In truth Griffin's Goons won't ever be anything but a fringe party but their presence is forcing the issues onto the agenda
  11. Indeed, but letting Griffin or any of his mates into Westminster will trigger all sorts of extra cash for the BNP, do you really want that?

    From where I stand any one who votes for the BNP agrees with their policies, if you wanted a protest vote there are other parties you could choose
  12. Bang on. I'd be happy to vote BNP as a protest, but not if they stood a chance of getting a seat. Tactical voting doesn't make you a racist. The fact is that Labour have treated this country as some sort of hideous social experiment over the last 10 years, and the rise of the BNP is a result. It seems that the overwhelmingly upper middle class New Labourites failed to see that the working man and woman wouldn't appreciate their enlightened policies of social justice and multiculturalism.
  13. My Bold.

    Labour are inept, corrupt scum.

    The "Call me Dave" party have gone back on their cast iron promise.

    That leaves the BNP as a protest vote at the General Election.