The BARB Test

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by UpNorthFighter, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. Sorry to start another thread :oops: I have my BARB test first thing in the morning (18th). Any tips? What should I wear?
  2. Do a search!
    Plenty of threads about the BARB.

    Wear what you feel comfy in...bikini and boots...
  4. I turned up in jeans, t-shirt and trainers and my recuiter didn't bat an eyelid. Its the formal interview you need to dress up for :)
  5. I got 66 on mine take your time if you rush it your score can only be worse pace yourself though time is a bit of a factor i mean don't waste it but don't rush and get everything wrong, that wouldn't be good 8)

    Plus the one at the end of selection with the officer of course!
  6. the barb test is very easy dont worry about it, jus go casual i did they was fine about it, my score i didnt get told the exact score but the recruiter was well impressed with it so it cudnt have been bad
  7. none as its rather easy especially for the weak minded
  8. I went in tracksuit bottoms and a tshirt, the BARB you dont need to dress up for atall, like the others have said, save the dressing up and make-up for your 2 interviews...

    Good luck
    I got 55!
  9. Think about it - you're joining the Army - nothing will be said but what will be noted? Every time you walk in that door you are looked at. 1st, 2nd and 3rd impressions count ..... so eerrr wear a t-shirt and trackies ? Next please.
  10. Im sorry to burst your bubble but they dont expect you to dress like prince charles everytime you enter the office. I went in tracksuit bottoms and a tshirt and now iv passed selection and am awaiting my basic dates, so turning up in what I did couldnt of been bad. All your doing for god sake is sitting in front of a computer screen.
  11. Cow

    Cow LE

    But it could have been better? First Impressions count, your joining a professional organisation which has a reputation of being one of the best in the world. Have a bit of pride. Don't dress like a chav.
  12. Well theres a time and place to start getting all dressed-up. it was certainley the place, but personally, I dont think it was the time. But hey, this is a public forum and everyone is entitled to their own oppinions, back on subject, just go in what you feel is right. If you feel going in a suit will make you feel better go for it.

    Good luck anyway mate!
  13. i went in smart trousers shirt and some brand new black shoes my AFCO was packed with people and nearly every one was wearing a hoodie and jeans so i would say dress up smart casual i think the recruiters appreciate it.
  14. Thanks everyone. I got 61, next step is to see my Doc
  15. I have been told by an ex army guy I know to make sure I buy black shoes and trousers for important interviews. I already got a very decent brown suit and shoes. Will this be ok? or should I really buy black?