The BARB test

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Borat69, Nov 5, 2012.

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  1. Just took the BARB test for the 2nd time (first time not high enough for what I wanted). 2nd score 71. Well chuffed.
    The main difference is speed!!! You must get plenty done to give yourself a chance!
    You can afford to get a couple wrong in each section (preferrably not) so long as you complete loads of questions!
    good luck!
  2. Search function/stickies.
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    This is gonna get sloppy...
  4. So what does a score of 71 get you?

  5. Same as 60. 60 and above means you can apply for any job. I scored in the 50's 1st time.
  6. Hello sammiedingle. You seem lovely. Do you like Werther's Originals and long romantic walks?
  7. Don't forget the Gladiator films...
  8. Dearest zero-over, I do enjoy long walks with some-one holding my hand. Prefer Everton mints though! You think you could be the one?
  9. Don't fucking talk to that whore. Talk to me. I'll leave your balloon knot looking like a Japanese flag.
  10. With the way this thread is going... that is open to interpretation.
  11. 71? That's nice you will be offered a position where the army needs to fill gaps now, if you don't like it you may well be told to feck off for 6 months come back and still be offered the same post.

    However you will then be told its easier to transfer once you've completed training. Which I'm sure most the regular forum users here will back me up when I say it's that easy....
  12. I thought you were dead.

    Just thought I'd share.
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  13. Now now goatrutar, don't be so hasty! I'm certain my balloon knot would hurt looking like a Japanese flag!!!! I prefer it the way it is, but thanks for the kind offer!!! I'm curious about what you do in the Army (if you're in there) and what your hobbies are, though advertising your Japanese flag making talents could lose you more fans than you could gain!
  14. I bet you've got a purty mouth. You can play my rusty trombone.

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