The bar has closed (officially)

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Niteventure, Apr 11, 2002.

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  1. The question is for this board. What as a current or ex member of the otc did you get up to when the bar had official closed, but was actually still quite open.

    Remember the rules guys, no unit mentions or names, just stories, anecdotes and other funny stuff.
  2. Shagged a bird on the CO's desk.
    Apparently it is the thing to do.
  3. Usuall off to La Scandales nightclub (now sadly closed) with Maj "Chill" or some other dodgy place with sawdust on the floor whose name I can't remember.
  4. Fuzzy Ducks was the place to go on a Wednesday night after "training".  DTM (Down Town Manhattans was definitely not unless you were really pissed. Sweat used to drip off the walls.
  5. No ones posted on here for a while so I thought I would get it to the top of the board. I can't believe there aren't thousands of great stories. We had nothing but fun that would make the Army board weep as a lot of it was done in uniform.
  6. and i thought this board would take off.................. thanx G_S
  7. Clearly a lot to do with the individual OTCs - ours was so quiet I didnt know it existed!!!!!! So go on, tell me, what exactly did I miss out on............? ???
  8. Of course G_S, the thought occurred to you that it is August, and the OTCs are all out? And that most of the OCdts are flipping burgers and not shagging burds/soldiering on?  8)
  9. Granted Woopert it didn’t occur to me that the long vacation was on. I plum forgot what holidays are. (See gunners on tour again). Don’t mind though because we have been getting the odd OTC chick coming to visit one of the Regts nearby and that’s what spurred me into writing ah all those memories came flooding back. Guns Camp, Southern Craftsman, White Lightning, King George IV what places to pull or cement a fine relationship.

    Besides there are hundreds upon hundreds of ex-OTC current military who surly all can’t be on leave.

    If they are what Regt/Bn? and have you got any spaces for passed over 2nd Lt.  
  10. Three months off is quite a pain, money does not go very far these days.
    The amount of regular/ta courses being run by my unit does beg the question are you not knee deep in officer cadets at your unit's??
  11. It's not my knees I want to be deep, but other parts of my body.
  12. arms? legs? G_S
  13. Nuts deep in guts ;)
  14. Wot no cum backs
  15. Drink until midnight. Off down to Clatty Pat's (still in uniform usually) for the Student Nurse's Night. Pull nurse. Spend night in nurse's flat. Be forced to attend first lecture in morning still dressed in boots and Lt Wts, poorly disguised with denim shirt borrowed from nurse's chubby flatmate (or nurse herself if standards had slipped...).

    Ring any bells?