The Bank Holiday Check List

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheIronDuke, May 28, 2010.

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  1. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Gosh. Who saw that coming? Its a bank holiday. Joy. Muppets deciding they will try driving on a MOTORWAY. Garden centres with special offers. Attractions where the kids can scream. Pubs full of part time drinkers. Chavs stabbing anyone stupid enough not to agree that their sister really could have been on Britain's Got Talent and general wandering nutters with far to much access to drink and drugs.

    Stay at home. Check.

    Starve the dog since last Wednesday. Check

    Pray for Tuesday morning at 6 bells and a return to normality. Check.
  2. In Helmand - Check.
    Go to work - Check.
    Beer after work - Not a fooking hope.
  3. In Helmand - Not any more! :lol:
    Go to work - Not for another 5 weeks! :p
    Beer whenever I want - Oh yes! 8)
  4. In London,
    Meet up with other Arrsers

    Drink FECK loads of beer!!!!!!!!
  5. Stay out of the rain.Check.
  6. Flat on my back, shagged leg, rather be in a pub?
  7. working all weekend in a packed out naafi full of screaming kids and wives pushing trollys,..grrrrr check
  8. Finished work- Check
    Camper van cleaned out ready to go-Check
    BBQ stuff and beer bough-Check
    Fcuking TA medical tomorrow-Check :x

    Sod it off after medical to Loch Awe for 2days so shite weather-Guaranteed
  9. Having my tranquility ruined by Julia Bradbury wannabees, trudging round the Lakes, boring everyone to death about Wainwright. Check.

    Can't get in my local due to the above, being clever "sampling" the real ales. Check.

    Spending 90 minutes on a journey to work which should take 35, due to the above, deciding they don't wanna walk, but will sightsee by car, mincing along at 20 mph, so the passenger can hang out of the window to take pictures. Check.

    Hold on, that's most weekends. It's a Bank Holiday you say? Mess Webley. Check.
  10. Rape mask - check.

    Hammer - check.

    Selection of wood chisels - check.
  11. Glad to see you back FSJ!
  12. 1. beer yess
    2.beers yess yess
    4.more beers yess
    5. ohh yess beer
  13. Serves you right for choosing to live in a B. Potter theme park. I only go near the place in winter these days.
  14. In arctic circle-CHECK
    11 meter waves-CHECK
    Days to push 13-CHECK :)
    Time off for world cup, 2 months-CHECK

    Lifes a fecking roller coaster innit :D
  15. unpronounceable Icelandic volcanoe cloud 'don't bother with the check'.Yer fcucked.