The Bandwidth Speed Test - Whats Yours?

Test out your Download and Upload Connections with this very simple Test:

The Bandwidth Speed Test

Go on - admit it - Who has the Fastest and Who has the Slowest?

Looks like I'll be a good contender for the Foundation Position!

965kb/Sec which will take me 14 minutes to download 100MB!!!

Place your results here to see who has the King and who has the Arrse of Connections...

Download 1.544 Mb/sec which is 9mins for 100Mb
I cannot get it to do anything...

Firewall on or off; nothing doing...

Can recommend this however:

Bandwidth Place
1.92 Mbps-I pay for 2 so better than I expected.

100mb in 7 mins.
hellfyyr said:
I cannot get it to do anything...

Firewall on or off; nothing doing...

Can recommend this however:

Bandwidth Place

Have you updated your Java plugin lately?

Passed-over_loggie, if your only getting 384kbps keep complaining until they do something about it. You may find you come across the "Your paying for up to 3mbps" brick wall, and they blame line quality. You may well have a crud line, but quite equally the contention on your exchange may be so huge that its maxed out. Unless you keep complaining, they wont do anything. ISP's are not a rarety, threaten to move ISP if they are not providing the goods.


Download Speed: 3.29 Mbps
Upload Speed 419 Kpps
Quality 52 %
Round Trip 293 Ms

Max Pause 101 Ms

On Comcast Cable modem.


With the other site posted by Bonny m

1.7 megabits per second
Communications 1.7 megabits per second
Storage 209.2 kilobytes per second
1MB file download 4.9 seconds
Subjective rating Great
Explain results

Date & time Wednesday, December 20, 3:23PM*
Test type IDT4 Free
Connection type Cable
Region Washington
Data size 1024KB
IP address
You have to bear in mind trip wire, that any online speed test is only as good as your route to it. If there is a slow or congested link along the way, its going to impact on the test results. They are only there as a guide.
Comparing laptop on wireless and desktop on wire @ WUGNET

Download: 1.77/2.17Mbps
Upload: 378/313kbps
Quality 26/32%
100MB file in 8/6min

and Laptop @ bandwidthplace:

Comms: 3.5Mbps
Storage: 427.2 kBps
1MB file download: 2.4s
Rating: Awesome

Great (now what am I supposed to do with it?)
I normally use :-

& they give you a handy bit of code for pasting into forums whenever there's a 'my dick's bigger than yours' contest.


Download at 1.85 Mbps 100MB file in 7 mins
Here is mine:


I am with BT and according to my contract with them it should be an 8 meg connection.
Only got 5 more months on contract to them, then they can sling it.

Can't compain about it either as I just get put through to India where they are not allowed to think for themselves or deviate from a script.

I have smashed two phones dealing with the knobbers and find it better for my health to remain calm and keep the slow connection and poor service.


It would help if others would put down their ISP so we can see who is good and who is like BT.


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