The Banana Splits Comp - Umpires deecision


Stop squabbling.............

The competition committee has sat. The CORRECT name of the elephant WAS Snorky, NOT Snorkel.

I missed it when I read Cpl's answer, but seen as a I have already despatced a bottle of Lynx shower gel to Cpl, the result MUST STAND...
SS, As previously posted, the name was Snork ! I demend either the shower gel to go with the other 37 that I got for XMas, or a night of no holds barred passion with Mrs SS when you are away in The Stan next year

Don't take it so hard...

I got my usually bottle of Halford's Screen Wash of the mother-in-law this year......... Consider it yours as a 'consolation' prize

Luckily for me i will be going no where near the Stan next year or the years after that, thank fcuk

Santa, thanks for clearing up the confusion for Guru and i am looking forward to recieving my bottle of screen wash, does it mix well with Tonic water??


whale_omlette said:
Whoah! I LOVE orange matchmakers! Gimme gimme gimme!

Check the thread - I got a good answer!
God loves a winner..........!! ( Cross yourself..!!)

Santa Sunday declares Whale as runner up..!!
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