The Baltics: should Britain be rushing to their defence?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Mar 26, 2014.

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  1. And skimming the article a second time.

    NATO pre-empted the election of Trump by agreeing to deploy troops - the journo is really sloppy.

    Barack also deployed additional forces to those agreed by NATO.

    The comments are interesting though.
  2. As it happens, I use one of Murray Brewster's reports on Canada's eFP contribution in Latvia as a case study on how sloppy journalism causes Russian disinformation to be validated by Western mainstream media (in this case, endorsed by the Canadian state broadcaster).

    But on Janis - he does habitually claim to be less than what he actually is, and he is consistently highly sensible so I for one am glad to see him get a bit of an airing. Also FWIW he is bang on regarding Russian reaction to Trump, ever since the US walloping Shayrat caused a sharp intake of breath in Moscow.
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  3. I never said Janis claimed to be more, on the contrary, his lack of Gazette posts makes him a person of interest.

    However, it then becomes counter-intuitive that he allows his view to be published by a sloppy journo...

    The Jury on Trump is out. Too many back channels to the Kremlin are being broadcast:

    ''Let's agree to disagree, you do bombing, Donald, and you need the votes, right?''
    ''Vladimir, we can do business.''

    My bedtime.
  4. I wouldn't get too worried about whether the journalist got the details of his former rank and current position correct. They're not that important in the larger scheme of things. I also found this story: Latvian diplomat says NATO deployment may have to stay for 10 years to counter Russia

    This one quotes "Ojars Kalnins, chair of the Latvian parliament's foreign affairs committee". He was also visiting Ottawa this past week. It would be reasonable to assume that both gentlemen were part of the same delegation.

    What's noteworthy in both cases is that in both interviews the interviewees stuck to generalities and didn't say much about why they were here or what they had hoped to accomplish. They also both put some effort into getting some positive Latvian news published - these interviews don't happen all on their own after all.

    Canada's PM and foreign minister have just left for Vietnam to attend an APEC summit. Whatever the Latvian delegation were discussing, presumably it took place prior to that. The Globe and Mail article was published last week, and the CBC interview may have taken place then as well.

    What it all tells me is that the Latvians are investing time, money, and effort into lobbying. We might not know the details of the discussions, but it's useful to know that they're taking place. Some of it might be motivated by a decision to not put all their eggs in the US basket, or alternatively some might be an attempt to get Canada to drop some words into the correct ears in Washington on their behalf. What Latvia probably ultimately wants is simply a continuation of the present effort on their behalf. We might be able to make some educated guesses if we were to know if similar Latvian delegations were visiting other allies as well.

    With regards to comments below the stories, I would suggest ignoring them. I never read them any more and they are a poor guide to public sentiment. The CBC has had to shut their comment system down in the past because of extensive trolling by wind-up merchants. Many comments are often in reality veiled criticisms of the current government or one of the opposition parties or intended to provoke supporters of one or the other. With foreign affairs stories you will also often see emigre politics at work, with different elderly immigrants re-fighting civil wars of generations past. I post on ARRSE because as bad as it is at times, it's still a better forum than any other I've seen.
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  5. YarS

    YarS On ROPs

    New uniform is very important thing, no doubts, but I'm more interested in the Sweden and Finish plans for potential Russian agression. What will do Sweden in a case of big war.
    Step one: sudden massive Russian nuclear strike on the NATO cities, all main Norwegian cities (except Tromsø, of course) are demolished. Sweden cities are intacted (except minor fallouts, of course).
    What will do Sweden:
    1) Declare war to Russia - and force us to waste another tens of nukes to burn their cities,
    2) Declare their neutrality and start a "Humanitarian intervention" in Southern Norway, to save as much lives as it possible.

    From my personal point of view second option is more likely. There are too many anti-Russophobic publications in Sweden media-space last time.
    For example presentation of new Book about Russophobic histeria in Sweden: "The Bear is coming".

    Medier på djupt vatten
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  6. Only ten years?!

    I do not like the idea of such "short term'ism"!

    Neither thinking about it, nor discussing it! Certainly NOT publicising it!

    Putin - and, whoever replaces him - has to KNOW we (the "West"), NATO, are there for the indefinite future.

    Such commitment kept us safe for 40 years, and would still be doing so now, if we hadn't been "blessed" with Gorbachev.

    Only by we, the "West", establishing and maintaining such policies of permanence will Russia turn its attention elsewhere, to irritate and intimidate others.
  7. YarS

    YarS On ROPs

    Ha! Oh, my little wryly friend.... You have a grim and dark past, and you have no any future.
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  8. The only problem with your side of Plan 1 is that, even should you have tens of nukes capable of being launched, you will have no effective C4I system left. Once Russia starts flinging buckets of sunshine around, reciprocation is very likely to follow, leaving your government dusting off a self-directed version of Plan 2.
  9. NATO agrees new military commands to protect Europe
    NATO Atlantic Comd agreed as mentioned above along with a Logistics Comd. The latter looks like Germany wanting to take it. The former a maritime nation looking at France, Portugal, Spain or the US.

    Interestingly the U.K. isn’t mentioned the article ref the Atlantic Comd. Maybe they’re looking for a mainland Europe location?
    Making the sea lanes safe using both conventional weapons and cyber:
    A bit more on cyber effect:
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  10. The trigger is strong in some.

    The news was published last week. I know the speed of sound is slower than the speed of light, but, that much slower for a Signals body?
  11. I guess you need to address that to Stoltenberg at his news conference? As for Monkey’s .......
  12. Nope. Fail.
  13. How’s it a fail then?
  14. YarS

    YarS On ROPs

    Ha! How many of your missiles are not hacked yet? How many of their buses orientation systems can not be jammed? How many of them have maneuvering warheads, which can't be intercepted? Really, I very doubt that even 1% of your warheads will hit their targets. Another moment is that our government and a population have enough of shelters.
    Also, we have enough of submarines to organise a second wave, and tactical nuces for the third one.
  15. Uh huh. And how long do you think it will take to move your population into bunkers? Do you think nobody will notice when the streets of your cities are suddenly empty?

    I don't think your fantasy war is going to end any better for Russia than it did in an alternative timeline ...


    We know where your bunkers are, and it won't do the survivors any good to climb out into the radioactive glass bowl that used to be Russia. The history of an entire people erased from the surface of the Earth in hours, and for what? Just so you can feel good about blatting Oslo?
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