The Baltics: should Britain be rushing to their defence?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Mar 26, 2014.

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  1. Trump says U.S. 'very protective' of Baltic region
    Trump has some nice words to say about the Baltics whilst meeting Finnish President:
    Finland and Sweden working with NATO to enhance .... dialogue between Russia and NATO:
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  2. Interesting aside for me, the Russian phrases and words they've used. A legacy of past imperial overlords maybe.
  3. Most Latvians finish conversations with 'ciao, davai' (not sure of the spelling), even the young ones who were born out of communism. Then again we say kindergarten...
  4. "Ciao" for hi and bye, but also "ata" for bye is what I hear most often, although that's mainly across Latgale. It's surprising how many (generally older) Latvians use "sveiki" and "ardievas" though!
    I only hear "davai" from the Russians - although when they realise I'm British, they tend to just be ignorant.

    Maybe its due to being out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by yokels and rural communities, maybe its a Latgalian thing...
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  5. Their AAA in the ground role is going to cause serious pain for dismounted infantry. @Zhopa . Indeed, even in CVR.T, they are going to be cut to pieces.
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  6. What role did the Slovaks play in this? They're not part of the eFP BG LVA (enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup Latvia).

    Here's the Canadian DND version of the press release: Canadian-led NATO multinational battlegroup in Latvia proves its capability and interoperability -
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  7. So far as everything that I've seen has said, the Slovaks are (or were) there temporarily for three months of exercises, but they're not part of eFP BG LVA, which is a permanent force.

    The story you referenced was about eFP BG LVA completing their planned series of exercises to be "certified" as ready. The Slovaks may be in Latvia, but I haven't seen anything which said they took part in that particular set of exercises.
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  8. Always has been... what's alarming is that if this report was drawn up "earlier this year", it means that the message is not getting through in DC as these are all points that were identified at the top level in USAREUR two years and more ago.
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  9. I'm not sure how old the data from the article is but they've been training with Slovenians on HF this year: Raven Strike enhances Sky Soldier and Slovenian communications

    Imx the US does rely on tacsat a lot but a quick look on their (173rd AB) website shows them using maps and HF comms. The big thing for any Army used to Ops in Afg/Iraq is moving away from things like IED drills and moving or digging in when discovered as you're going to be a target for indirect fire.

    I'm pretty sure they have kit which has been tested in anti-drone.measures but whether it's been issued and trained on i don't know.
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  10. Latvian MP are very active in anti-drone knowledge. Latvian MP are not like British RMP, they have a wider tasking. Nuff said.
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  11. Actually, I did one or two years ago read that the training missions in Ukraine had a what the f@@k moment when they realised that what the Uke army had come up against was a 'whole new ball of wax' to use an old phrase. So whilst I posted the link I was aware that hat it wasn't new news.

    And I guess any army worth its salt would try and plan for future conflicts.

    As an aside, been reading Browned off and Bloody Minded about tommy going off to war in 39-45 and though not exact the same there's parallels of inter war tommies being in hot dusty places fighting against 'ragheads' then having to think to up the game when the big show was starting in'39.
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