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The Baltics: should Britain be rushing to their defence?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Mar 26, 2014.

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  1. YarS

    YarS On ROPs

  2. You should listen to what your phone is trying to tell you.
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  3. Latvijā ierodas Kanādas bruņu tehnika

    Video of.... as I understand the article, additional, systems being brought into Latvia ahead of ZAPAD 2017. The Americans are also sending additional forces to Estonia. @terminal ?

    The other news is that rental property is becoming more expensive in Riga because of the Canadians... causing some people to be unhappy, seriously.
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  4. There's nothing in the Canadian news at this time about the arrival of new troops in Latvia. I imagine it's just the troops and equipment which were announced previously finally arriving. They've been waiting for the base faculties to be built before going over. This will be part of the deployment which Obama arm asked Canada to provide while he was still in office, so it has nothing to do with short term events in the region.

    In one of my previous posts of a few months ago I linked a news story which gave the approximate deployment schedule, but I doubt I could find it easily at this time. If I recall however, the main body of troops were supposed to start arriving at around this time.
  5. No, the Canucks arrived two months ago - in the Latvian article it states that this is additional equipment.
  6. Of interest?

    Riga, 11 August, LETA. Since August 1, Russian aircraft and vessels have been detected 16 times near the borders of Latvia, according to the public information provided by the National Armed Forces, compiled by LETA.

    The activity is really building up now.
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  7. It appears they are different troops - here's the DND announcement released on Saturday: Canadian Armed Forces sending military personnel and equipment to support training activities in Latvia -

    They're there to support upcoming exercises in the autumn.
    They're sending an artillery battery and approximately 100 additional personnel. They're from the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery, from Shilo Manitoba.
    They will be supporting the Latvian-led NATO exercise called "Silver Arrow" in October.
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  8. Really informative post; I think the reality is that they are here for ZAPAD20017 ;) Or rather, just f..king hoping they are not saying hello to ZAPAD2017 ;)
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