The Baltics: should Britain be rushing to their defence?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Mar 26, 2014.

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  1. Just to add, my mum's family and relatives, including in-laws, were originally from the teeny village Dolyna near Sanok.. Took my mum there mid 90's to see it for what was the last time for her. Lovely place. Very peaceful.Not sure what it's like now.
  2. That must have been a wonderful experience for you and your Mum. I imagine she had not been back for many years - it must have been an emotional time for all of you.
    We recently found footage of my Granny's village on You Tube which we showed her (thinking it would Cheer her up) however it completely backfired when Granny thought we had been back East and not told her. Trying to explain how YouTube works just fell on deaf ears:)
  3. It was a lovely experience. She hadn't been back since 1944.

    We turned up with the idea of just doing a tour round the village and leave, whilst there mum had a chat with one or two residents who she didn't know. Then we went to the river to chill out and wet our toes with a paddle. Turned back and to get to the main road we had to go back through the village but news must have spread like a forest fire as some of the villagers ran out and stopped us saying there were villagers still there who she knew. Ended up staying for a few days as guests and they couldn't do enough for us. I had to get a new liver after all the vodka.

    I can imagine the explanations you had to give your gran about all this new fangled modern stuff. I had to tell my dad, no you don't have to cut open capsules to get the medicine out before you swallow them.
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  4. YarS

    YarS On ROPs

    Lemberg was a Polish. L'vov is Russian.
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  5. Lemberg was Austrian.

    L'vov maybe how the Russians spell it, but it doesn't mean it's Russian.

    If you're going to make claims, hand back all the lands that weren't originally part of Muscovy Rus.
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  6. YarS

    YarS On ROPs

    But even under Austrian occupation one of the main languages was Rutenian (Russian).

    L'vov maybe how the Russians spell it, but it doesn't mean it's Russian.[/quote]
    Ha! But you also calls it as Russians do. "Lvov", not "Lviv".
    And it was founded by Russian Prince Danila Romanovich in the middle of XIII centure.

    Ha! Rus is much older that Moscow. Also, Russia is a heir of Bizantia and Rome. So, we can also claim on lands of Roman Empire, including Cassiterides.
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  7. You love stretching definitions to suit your purpose. In other words you're wrong again.

    Ha! But you also calls it as Russians do. "Lvov", not "Lviv".[/QUOTE]

    I call it Lviv.
    Who was Rus. Russians weren't in existence then.

    You can claim anything. Doesn't make it true.

    Given that this thread is about the Baltics. I'll leave it here so as not to divert the thread any further.

    Except just to say you're definitely showing you've got kapusta for brains you yollop.
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  8. But just one more thread drift post.

    Before the war mum was in service to a Polish family in Lviv as it was a way of supporting the family back in the village.

    She returns to the village to visit, then war breaks out. Apparently, so she claimed, the river I mentioned, the San, was the demarcation between the Germans and the Soviets, with her side being the German side. She claimed she could hear the Soviets shouting over saying how good it was in the USSR.

    I did try and find a source which would have confirmed that the San was the demarcation line for that area and not just a failing memory making things up. This was years ago and I recall seeing a source confirming this though I'm not sure about how good it was.

    Anyhow, move on a couple of years and one of the Germans billeted nearby said not to get too close to the river tomorrow, (or something similar, I wish she was alive now so I could double check). The next day comes and Barbarossa kicks off. When Lviv then falls to the Germans she goes over there to retrieve her belongings, and to cut a long story short, finds work there there, Soviets start pushing west, then via Czechoslavakia, being bombed by the allies in Berlin, as a DP in the British zone, ending up in Oldham. Frikkin Oldham!!!!! where I was born.

    Some of the episodes of the journey sounded horrific such as walking down a road which had been shelled or bombed previously with wrecked cars and trucks and bits of body lying around. Bit sobering really to hear stories that she, my dad, and thousands others went through. Not just from eastern Europe. Oldham sounded quite attractive after that.

    Apologies. I've retold some of this story in bits before on this forum, but I can't recall putting this chain of events down before.

    Back to the Baltics now.
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  9. Did that coincide with NATO sending Battle Groups to support the Baltic states?
  10. Himmler, my opinion is that it started earlier - RAF sending extra flights to Lithuania and then Estonia for example, so rather than 4 planes in Lithuania, there were maybe 16 - not much, but something. At the same time, the governments pushed through the idea that the roads would be worse under Russian control and therefore, can wait and the governments used the money saved to invest in the home guards, hand held anti-tank weapons etc.

    The units now are still only a trip wire - however, because the units have contingents from so many different nations, Russia would have a hard time on divide and rule although, it is still trying to manipulate economically.

    As a final point, I think the Americans also started pumping National Guard elements into the Baltics - A10s, infantry long before the other nations arrived.

    So, an accumulation of factors have perhaps helped to begin closing the window of opportunity.
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  11. So NATO doing its job, after seeing what Putin did to the Ukraine, like I posted very early on in this very thread.
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  12. That's like saying that WW2 started and WW2 finished... quite a bit happened in-between and not all of it good and it has taken how many years for the battlegroups to deploy?
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  13. But russia didnt invade, little green men didnt pop up, did they? Putin knows that ******* about with a NATO member will end in a war. He moved his attention to a proxy, Syria. Had one Aircraft shot down by a NATO member and has recieved the memo.

    Which leaves me wondering why those mich vaunted S400 are not dropping RAF, USAF, USN UAE, Jordanian et al, from the skies.
  14. YarS

    YarS On ROPs

    "Rus" or "Ross" - as ethnonim was used since XVI-XVIII between lovers of Antient Greek and Latin culture.
    Early self-annihilating were "rouski", but with different writing - question of grammatic norms "ss" or "sk" were same.
    If you need example with "ss" it's here: XV centure:
    First page, third line from bottom: "роусскаго князя Дмитрия Иванови".
    In the treaties with Byzantia usually was used ethnonim "Rusin".
  15. YarS

    YarS On ROPs

    F-ng phone with auto-correction.
    "Self-annihilation" should be writed as "self-name".