The Baltics: should Britain be rushing to their defence?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Mar 26, 2014.

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  1. The late night drunk posts give a clue. Example: YarS' anti-west Russian apologist thread

    Could be wrong.........
  2. Half? He is full on.
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  3. Full on Borg!
  4. YarS

    YarS On ROPs

  5. Which part of "to ensure the peace of Europe" did you miss?

    After Rhineland, Austria etc. it was believed we could somehow find peace and give in to the demands for Sudetenland. Clearly we were wrong. Some also saw it as a delaying tactic allowing us to rearm. We had no territorial ambitions in Europe and unlike Russia hadn't surrendered in WW1. It wasn't an alliance.

    As opposed to an agreement to carve up Europe (literally with Poland), trade etc. both buying time for their future war but Stalin purged his officers and came a cropper in Finland. He had also allowed Nazi's to train pilots and tank crews in the USSR. A pact named after the two FMs
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  6. As so often on threads like this, having YarS on ignore makes the conversation a little disjointed (unfortunately also makes everybody else look as though you are standing on the street corner shouting at pigeons).

    But seriously, is it really worth the large amount of time and effort you put into engaging with the standard repertoire of Russian trollery?
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  7. You know why you got the SABC?

    Of malice
    Would I show?
    You should know!

    Ignore the Borg.
  8. Am I supposed to be bothered by somebodies use of the 'mong button'?
  9. YarS

    YarS On ROPs

    You a wrong, as usual, my little ignorant friend.

    I mean, that there are no significant differences between Brits and Germans. Both of you are Europeans - stupid, lawless, deceitful and cowardly.
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  10. YarS

    YarS On ROPs

    Oh, sh-t.... Such kind of madness and stupid West agitprop. Bro, better talk about Avalon's island and King Arthur.

    After election of Hitler USSR had finished military cooperation with Germany.
  11. That's what happened though

    Hitler was appointed (not technically elected) in 1933. The MR Pact post dates that time.
  12. YarS

    YarS On ROPs

    There were many events between 1933 and 1939, including repressions against Communists in Germany, Civil war in Spain, Soviet attempts to make anti-Nazi block with European countries....
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  13. Quite, so not as you state:
  14. YarS

    YarS On ROPs

    It was as I said. Everybody knew, that Hitler's party were anti-communists. And so, right after their victory in Germany, we had hulted military cooperation.
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  15. That's one way of looking at it with the schools closures as the Nazi's came to power. The other is the lack of need as Hitler was in charge ie it was their decision.