The Baltics: should Britain be rushing to their defence?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Mar 26, 2014.

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  1. Latest found on facebook . . . .

    Its that female again ;) .

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  2. Officer with that amount of tats on her forearm? She drinks from the golden cup, put your dreams away.
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  3. Yes, plus: Saber Strike | U.S. Army in Europe
  4. What an odd thing to say.
  5. Was the Emperor Mong strong with them? "Here mate, fancying meeting you on here, can I join you?"
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  6. 3 neo nazis in sweden arrested for bomb attacks 2016 and 2017.
    And 2 of them recieved paramilitary training in Russia.
    Bombmisstänkta nazister utbildades i Ryssland - DN.SE

    Not exactly baltics but i dont want to open an extra thread, and swedish source only, sorry
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  7. Canadian troops are now arriving Latvia. Canadian military in Latvia: 'If nothing happens, we'll all go home happy'

    Or perhaps not the first, as there have apparently been troops there for the past month and half building facilities. The base is badly run down, and Canadian personnel are building temporary accommodation until the permanent buildings are ready.


    The permanent facilities won't be ready until August.
    The troops will apparently be on 6 month rotations.
    The primary vehicle for the Canadian troops will be LAVs.

    The battle group will include soldiers from Italy, Spain, Albania, Poland and Slovenia.
    The Poles and Italians will be providing tanks.
    The language situation should be fascinating. It will probably get even more fascinating when a francophone group of of Canadians eventually show up for their rotation.

    The mission is expected to cost $260 million over the next 3 years. The story isn't clear whether this is the cost to Canada alone, or whether it is the combined cost including some other countries taking part as well. In either case, this isn't going to be cheap.
    Tactical simulations suggest that the Russians could completely overrun Latvia in 2 or 3 days.
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  8. U.S. concerned about Baltic incidents in forthcoming Russian war games
    In preparation for Zapad 2017, it looks like more troops could be sent:
    The increase of Patriots has been mentioned previously, now it looks like some US airborne are inbound as well:
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  9. I dont get the point here. There are already enough to act as tripwire and 600 wont make a difference at all if Russia decides to go full in. Political reasons?
  10. If tensions or likelihood are raised, it's prudent to increase your deterrent I believe. I don't think 3 Bn's (I read it as 3 x 600) are going to add anything meaningful but it shows the US is still serious about NATO and want to assuage the concerns of the nations on the 'front line'. Hodges has been in place since 2014 so he'll be aware of the history.

    I think the ongoing tensions between Russia and the US may also be a factor. It would suit Russia down to the ground to disrupt the alliance if not break it up. All part of the current 'big game'.

    E2A: Plus it's a signal to European countries that the US is stepping up, what are they doing?
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  11. Exactly. It's an enhancement to the eFP effect. It's making it clear that if there is a departure from the Zapad scenario that affects the Baltics, then Russia is immediately dealing not only with the NATO nations that have people in place under eFP, but also with the Americans (who notionally don't since they are supposed to be in Poland) - so no argument over whether Trump (who presumably is not aware this is happening) would veto getting involved in confronting the Russians.
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  12. NATO war game defends Baltic weak spot for first time
    Exercising the 'Suwalki Gap option':
    Keep the Gap open for men and materiel:
    1,500 troops used but more would be required if it did kick off:
    The forthcoming Zapad (West) 2017 is likely to involve 100,000 troops:
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  13. I think a tripwire only works if it has to be tripped over.
    If non-Baltic NATO forces are too small or too compactly deployed, a Russian invasion force could simply ignore and not engage them in the hopes that their political masters would accept a fait accompli and order them to stand down until repatriated. A NATO defence of the Baltics needs to be large enough and wide enough so that Russians know there is no doubt that invading means engaging the entire of NATO from h-hour, guaranteeing that the war could not be contained to relatively easily taken territory and inviting a reciprocal overrunning of Kaliningrad to open a land supply route to the Baltic front.
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