The Baltics: should Britain be rushing to their defence?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Mar 26, 2014.

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  1. Thanks for the informative @History_Man what do you think of the serious NBC decontamination drills? What is on the front of those panzers half way down the article?
  2. [​IMG]

    No idea. It looks like some simplistic dust suppressor. Probably to reduce the dust signature on summer country roads?

    The Danish use something similar in AFG

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  3. It's not any sort of CBRN contamination shield. If the Russians used CBRN natures they would go for something rapid acting which also dispersed rapidly, probably a combination of blood agent (hydrogen cyanide) and non-persistent nerve agent (sarin).Most decontamination would be achieved by these volatile agents degrading. Nevertheless, you should train as you wish to fight, and in the case of chemical decontamination, you cannot be too thorough.
  4. Foto: Ventspils pludmalē ASV spēki izkrāvuši karatehniku
    Photo porn.

    American vehicles coming ashore through the surf - near Ventspils which is 200KM from Riga but is the home of the Russophile Mayor Lembergs - worth noting that out of 15 people called as witnesses to his corruption and other rackets, 13 have had terminal accidents of one kind or another. He is also the man who told NATO forces to stay out of his town and country when the NATO MCM group deposited a load of thirsty Danish / Dutch (?) sailors... the locals reacted badly to their NATO guests.

    I would be interested in knowing who surveyed the beach and who thought it would be a good idea of dropping the Abrams at that point - one wave and the driver could have been swamped. @Fat_Cav Hope you enjoy.
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  5. The NATO deterrent presence in Baltics is not of a size to really deter Russia

    Copyright/credit to: The BALTIC TIMES. Dtd: 2017-05-31

    "Politicians have a tendency to circumvent edgy corners of subjects, so often it is journalists who point to them bluntly, providing far better and deeper insights than the army of policy makers out there. How does the Baltics’ defence look in the eyes of a journalist who has written internationally and profusely on the subject for over 20 years? Francis Tusa, a prominent defence journalist, who has contributed to the Guardian, Financial Times, BBC, CNN, ABC and other outlets, and is currently editor-in-chief of Defence Analysis, took some point-blank questions from The Baltic Times on Baltic defence and shot back as many straight answers".


    The NATO deterrent presence in Baltics is not of a size to really deter Russia
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  6. 14 Polish MBTs on the move...Quite an impressive number. So with the other armour present - company worth Slovak BMP2s, American marines, American Army, et al, who said the training area was too small @History_Man ?
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  7. I did and I stand by what I said. We recce'd Adazi and decided that it was not suitable for CR2. What other nations do is their business.
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  8. A lance jack in the RMP (R) knows more than you?

    Shit the bed!
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  9. Er, you should get your facts right before you give a back hander.

    History Man never ever mentioned that he did the recce,
    Secondly, he had said he never left Lielevarde
    Thirdly, he is Signals not Cav
    Fourthly, he is also AR so does not roam with Armour and doubtful he even rides a horse...
    Fifthly, I was little bit more than a Lance Corporal, but just a teeny weeny little bit so be nice. and wind your cancerous fxcking neck in. Sorry, forgot, you would have a problem with that one...
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  10. Surely Sir, you dissemble.
  11. We as in ARRC. I didn't need to go, but I did help with the report.
  12. Funnily enough, I worked with an RAC SO2 on this and an Armd Inf SO2 too. And I have worked with armour in the past. I even had tracks on my FMT600 at one stage.
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  13. Russia says will react to NATO's eastern boost
    Russia ramping up the rhetoric. I suppose they could always withdraw troops from E Ukraine, return Crimea and stop saying they want to re-establish former Soviet Union borders? Silly me, it's back to threats and bullying:
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  14. That might be in the same way that I worked with a Hooligan at one location and with another Hooligan in the Royal Irish... polish too much and the shine wears thin...