The Baltics: should Britain be rushing to their defence?

United States set to sign deal on Patriot missile sale to Poland...
Further info on Poland to buy Patriot PAC3. Letter of agreement to be signed in less than a week:
The U.S. Department of State approved the sale of the systems in November, with Poland interested in buying eight of the systems.

“The letter of agreement is to be signed on March 28,” a source close to the defence ministry said. Two others sources familiar with the matter confirmed the plan.

Patriot missile defence interceptors are designed to detect, track and engage unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), cruise missiles and short-range or tactical ballistic missiles.
First mentioned in November, it's now becoming clear how much they are spending and acquiring with their money:
The proposed sale includes 208 Patriot Advanced Capabilty-3 (PAC-3) Missile Segment Enhancement missiles, 16 M903 launching stations, four AN/MPQ-65 radars, four control stations, spares, software and associated equipment.

In addition, Poland is authorized to buy U.S. government and contractor technical, engineering and logistics support services as well as range and test programmes.

The deal approved in November by the U.S. State Department envisaged the sale totalling up to $10.5 billion, but two sources told Reuters that Poland has received different options with different individual components and different offset scenarios. The sources estimated the options at up $4.5 billion - $5.5 billion, but said the negotiations are not over yet.

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