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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by blonde_guy, Feb 19, 2010.

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  1. Right chaps, here is my problem.

    I have an ache in my left ball. It's slightly bigger than the other one, but this is normal. There is no pain, and definately no lumps or excess fluid or any other symptoms. It's just an occasional dull ache, especially when sat down.

    Now the pain subsides when I'm wearing looser trousers/boxers or have a bath allowing the sack some room; I'm a big build with large thighs, so any trousers I get are alway tight on the thighs. As my balls hang to the left, could it just be they are getting a bit crushed against my thigh?

    Also would wnanking too much have any bearing on it?

    So advice lads, I've always checked them out for testicular problems, and can find no lumps. Should I see a GP to be on the safe side?
  2. Had a similar problem some years ago, GP said nothing to worry about at my age(about 40), get them checked , you wont get another pair if anything goes wrong
  3. Your best bet is to have them removed and attached to your earlobes. Oh, and get a DPM paint-job on them too. It's all the rage, you know?

  4. Cheers Bugsy, Forgot I posted this in the NAAFI. Oh no, wait......
  5. Don't worry it will soon drop off and your problem will be done with. :twisted:

    Can't see any harm in trotting along to the GP especially if it is a lady one, probably the answer will be reassuring at least. Like the man says better safe than sorry you only get one pair.
    No lumps is positive, examine your sitting/resting position. Restrictive clothing may affect.
    Try resting it and switching off the porn for a week.
  6. Gentle gentle ache, no pain, I'm just aware it is there is all. Think I need looser boxers and trousers too!
  7. But seriously, Blonde_guy, it sounds very much like a light orchitis at the moment, but you'd do well to pop into the doc's and have it checked out, just in case.

    Bugsy, ex-RAMC
  8. How long you had this ache?
    Sat on me nuts once, being the beast I am, and it ached like a fecker for a couple of days. Could just be you twanged it a little without realising.
    Like the others said, just get the bastard checked out. Too many things it could be.
  9. Could possibly be the beginning of the onset of epididymitis, which is characterised by a "dragging" ache. It is treated most often with Doxycyline.

    Best off getting checked, if theres nothing wrong you have only lost ten minutes, if you don't get it checked and there is something wrong you could lose a lot more.