The (balaclava-clad) face of modern British policing, or SF guys?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cavemandave, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. The (balaclava-clad) face of modern British policing: London seige reveals armed- to-the-teeth team preparing for the Olympic Games

    Bristling with guns, his face masked, a police officer moves in on a suspected suicide bomber.
    Just 91 days away from the start of the Olympics, the dramatic scene gave a foretaste of what can be expected this summer after a man threatened to blow himself up in a busy office block.
    Thousands were evacuated, Tube stations were closed and streets locked down over a wide area of London's West End.
    Snipers, bomb disposal squads, nuclear biological and chemical warfare specialists and dozens of armed police were scrambled to the building on Tottenham scrambled to an office block on Tottenham Court Road, one of the city's busiest shopping streets.

    Read more: The balaclava-clad face of modern policing: Fearsome firearms officers tackling the central London hostage crisis in a sign of what may come during Olympics security operations | Mail Online
  2. Remedial PRR headset wearing required.......
  3. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    its cos they're fookin ugly
  4. the daily mail says it's to protect their identities for u/c work
  5. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Which is why he's wearing a t-shirt which doesn't cover the tatoos on his arm.

    Works for me ;-)
  6. Ol'Billy 3 pistols should have covered his tattoos then the chopper. 3 pistols? Whats all that in aid of?

  7. maybe he couldn't decide which one to pack? I have been known to buy two tops, one in each colour :)
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  8. I did say "Daily Mail"............
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  9. Hmm.. hostage situation in London? Definitely not them then.
  10. The usual DM bolstering the story to hilt, and the comments made me chuckle, especially 'bitter & twisted'...
  11. God, wish I didn't read the comments. Can we take all Daily Mail readers outside and execute them in front of their families?

    PS. People really really don't understand the rules of engagement do they?
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  12. I've just finished a shift with a major news broadcaster. I arrived fairly early at the scene of the Tottenham Court Road incident - early enough to park within the police tape. This cordon was enlarged, twice leaving me inside , in my car. When I had the chance I made my way to a building overlooking the siege. I was able to get on the roof and observe the activity - if you were watching the 24 hour news you would have seen the shots.

    The cordon was expanded beyond what would be regarded as a safe area for the public - not to protect them but stop observers recording the outcome of a forced entry.

    I saw plain clothes police wandering around in with full chest rigs over their jeans and sweatshirts with Shemaghs wrapped around their heads, literally dripping with kit. The last time I saw people affecting the same look and this tooled up was when, in different hot country, I happened upon a UK SF patrol by accident. I wonder whether the boys from CO19 took their lead from these images.

    They looked like cowboys... they were posing for the snappers and judging by the reaction to a certain solicitor's circumstances a while back are still acting like it.
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  13. Link to the sf patrol pics?
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Surely the 'balaclava' is to protect the face from flash burns, which makes the dude in the t shirt look pretty foolish. Cowboys!