The Baker’s Dozen of Top ARRSE threads

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Litotes, May 21, 2011.

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  1. Having read Rampant’s excellent thread:

    I reminded myself of the Stumpy thread – which took yet another hour out of my life but put a broad smile on my face:

    Then, I thought that if Rampant’s thread was about the quality threads we all remember, which threads are the most perused and which invite the most responses?

    Now, I reckon the CO can run a query and tell us in far more comprehensive terms (and better formatted) than I can, but I don’t go anywhere near RHQ unless I absolutely have to (it was a rule that I followed for most of my military career and it worked pretty well for me)!

    Anyway, a few more wasted minutes with a spreadsheet and I came up with this snapshot of how popular a thread is in terms of responses:

    Thread - Posts/day

    What's the Holy Grail of unseen Celebrity Tits? - 27.5
    Top 10 threads(of all time?)… - 26.5
    Word Association Game II - 21.5
    Are you religious? - 10.8
    Come and have a go if you think… - 10.1
    Lady thread... III - 8.1
    Afghan fighting - the latest reports - 8.0
    Autumn. Season of… - 6.6
    Mornington Crescent - 3.1
    Babes hot or not… - 2.2
    The Emperor Mong's … - 0.6
    How bone is your missus? - 0.6
    KIN 'ELL (The Stumpy thread) - 0.1

    And this shows how many times the most popular threads have been viewed since they started:

    Thread - Views/day

    What's the Holy Grail of unseen Celebrity Tits? - 4072.6
    Lady thread... III - 2321.0
    Top 10 threads(of all time?)… - 1112.0
    Babes hot or not… - 802.3
    Come and have a go if you think… - 650.4
    Afghan fighting - the latest reports - 494.4
    Word Association Game II - 318.3
    Are you religious? - 256.4
    Autumn. Season of… - 203.3
    How bone is your missus? - 191.2
    The Emperor Mong's … - 183.0
    Mornington Crescent - 114.3
    KIN 'ELL (The Stumpy thread) - 110.2

    So, there we have it. Surprisingly, Rampant’s thread has already shot up the Most Viewed list with more than 1100 views per day, so there is a pent-up demand for a Top 10 list. Perhaps it ought to become a sticky?

    However, I am forced to conclude that most members of ARRSE just like Celebrity Tits best of all but are not averse to some wordplay and religious comment. ARRSE Lurkers prefer naked ladies and are not fussy whether they are celebrities or from Meridian’s bottom drawer collection!

    This is a snapshot and I will change it when I spot a thread that is up-and-coming, if you tell me about another high scoring thread I haven’t seen or the viewing figures tell me that that this is a popular thread…!

  2. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

  3. I loved this one myself, you just couldn't make this crap up :)

    It has some gem posts such as:

    Not a charge but was put on show parade for having nothing to be put on show parade for! The duty Cpl thought I had lost the plot when he asked 'showing what?' 'Nothing Cpl' Replied I standing in twos and best shoes.

    Charged for having a non- issue cold sore!
    My mate was charged for having a pet without permission when on a room inspection a spider ran out from behind his locker.

    3 Days ROP's for a fly landing on my beret on RSM's Parade(CNUT)

    ....Also had to show "fat lip" at 22:00, full screw hung a set of combats off my bottom lip using the metal hanger, it did smart for a while, my lip swelled up and was classed as being improperley dressed and had to show it.

    I had a show parade from T*m T****t at Bordon to show " Beret free from non issued wasp".
  4. There's also another thread started by MDN in the early days of Arrse about a Ginger haired girl who fancied MDN, which had me in tears of laughter.

    I'll see if I can find it again.
  5. Oh, that's odd - the thread at the top of the "Top threads for the last 7 days" is one I haven't seen before and can't seem to find now.

    How peculiar.
  6. Not me, Guv. 'onest!

  7. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Oi!! Cheeky bugger I can occassionally post or start something interesting, just not very often.!!!!:)
  8. That's just how your missus describes you... ;)


    Your thread is by far the youngest, yet has accrued more posts and views per day than most of the long running threads.

    There may well be others but I haven't gone searching for them!