The Bahamas leads the way...

Picking up the Daily Mail today I was heartened to read that the Bahamas reintroduced judicial flogging in 1991.

Today's report concerned the case of a bloke convicted of trying to rape an 83 year old woman. The sentence? Four lashes, 16 years in prison then another four lashes on release.

According to the article, the punishment was also used on a child rapist in 2000 and one lucky boy got 25 years' chokey and 12 lashes for robbing and raping a woman in front of her children. Quite right too.

Personally I am impressed by an executive and legislative with the moral courage to put the rights of the innocent before those of the guilty by making this legal and by a judiciary with the guts to use the full weight of the law.

While I particularly approve of the combination of corporal punishment and incarceration, especially the lick o' the cat upon release to focus the miscreant's mind on obeying the rules, I also think that corporal punishment alone for minor offences might offer the solution to our present prison over-crowding problem.

Don't tag 'em, flog 'em.

While I'm in punitive mode and on a roll, given the evidence released today about offending by tagged felons I think it might be cheaper and more effective to tie them by their ankles to blacksmiths' anvils or hundredweight lumps of concrete. If it didn't keep them in at night at least the rest of us could see them coming.

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