The Bad Tuesdays - Twisted Symmetry-New Release

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A shameless plug for a mate of mine and ex Gunner.

Ben Myers was a troopie in 46 Talavera (Cow & Castle!) Bty on op Granby. He left the Army and became a criminal barrister in Manchester (plenty of work up there!). He has always had a passion for writing and has just managed to get his first book published "The Bad Tuesdays - Twisted Symmetry". It is fantasy fiction aimed at teenagers/young adults so it ought to fit the usual ARRSERs profile! Ben has a contract to write a series so this is the first of several and may be the next Harry Potter as I understand the film rights are generating keen interest.

The book is launched on 9 Jan so might be a good purchase for those chrimbo book vouchers from Auntie! Copies can be pre-ordered from Waterstones, WH Smiths, Borders etc.

Bad Tuesdays - Orion Books

Ben Myers - Bio

Give an old Gunner some support!


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