The back door in to the Army

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Master_yoda, Dec 20, 2003.

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  1. Hi,
    Can any one be so kind to fill me in on the current transfer situation regarding the TA officer moving to a Reg unit.
    I have been told that the back door has been now been closed !
    Is the True?

    Master Yoda
  2. I hope so. Use the tradesmans entrance like everyone else.
  3. why should I not use the back door to get in to the army?
    I have been in the TA for 3 years and now want to go full time why should I have to start right from basics again and have to get my commission over again?
    Master Yoda
  4. Lets just hope it is true and that the door is closed in their faces - most of these fat lardy TA types don't even know how to knock out a decent "Sandhurst Shandy", get um back into training and see if they really have what it takes.

    "Mother not too much ice" !!!

  5. That would be a whole 3 years then would IT(total service)? or 3 years since you joined and not quite tallied 3 WHOLE YEARS IN GREEN :?: 8O

    Also why should you be allowed easy access to a full time professional job without going through the same as your peers?
  6. 2.5 years since I start to go for my commission and over 3 years since I joined.
    It is not such an easy road as you think going for TA commission.
    I think I should have to do an extra course 2 or 3 weeks maybe but then you not lest me carry on as an officer full time.
    Master Yoda
  7. If you're not prepared to do the training perhaps ayou should look for a less difficult position - escorting Clooney on his trips out of the asylum should be suitable.
  8. Lazy tw*t, and you expect men to follow you 8O
  9. This is not helping!!!
    Has any one got any information on if the back door is still open?

    Master Yoda
  10. Read above 8O
  11. So how would you all like me to get in to the Regs as an officer then???

    Master Yoda
  12. Stop ya whining and looking for the easy way ..........just do it :lol:
  13. There's a vacancy for a Captain coming up in the Royal Scots. Apparently the current incumbant knows quite a lot about 'back doors'.
  14. Ok so I will head down to the army career advice centre and have a chat to one of their advisers Monday.

    I will let you know what has been said.

    Have a good Christmas

    Master Yoda.

  15. I for one would quite like it if you went to Sandhurst and completed the 44 week commissioning course. You cheeky scrote. You are kidding, surely?