The Auntie Outrage Bus


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Dear Outrage Bus,

Sorry about your tyres and windscreen. Cutting the straps on your deisel tank was just high spirits and we are very sorry, straights. Shame your sat-nav and hi-fi went west, but boys will be boys, you know?

Kind regards,

The Auntie Outrage Bus.

Enough already. We are faced with global economic meltdown, crashing house prices, spiv Governments, our pensions spazzed and we will all be murdered in our beds by skinny Chavs in our old age. If we dont get cancer from GM crops.

The Auntie Outrage bus says NO

Sorry. No.

Today I made the fat old doll who works in the Greggs at Four Lane Ends smile, with a truly crap joke.

What about you? The Auntie Outrage Bus is about to leave the station. Tea and crumpets will be served.

your turn....

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