The attack of the stall door Mong *

Twas a warm summer evening,
with many females in needing.

The club was known as Pier One,
a location for much fun.

£10 all you can drink,
there where so many high jinks.

As it's scientifically shown,
too many beers can have your bowels blown.

My 'beezzer'(sp?) ran to the loo,
shouting to his mates "toodillloo".

He opened the stall,
before his pants did fall.

Blessing the throne,
oh did he moan.

Alas he forgot,
the door had no lock!

The stars were in alignment,
and another young man had an alcoholic assignment,
to empty his bowels as well.

He also ran to the loo,
his arrse saying "boohoo".

He backed into the stall door,
without a thought for the one who came before.

Ah the mud did so flow,
and so the shrieks started to grow.

Every man in the loo frooze,
at their unbelievable repose.

Young man number one,
ran out of the loo with his pants undone.

The dance floor was in full swing,
and boy did he show his thing.

The stares and shrieks followed him, 8O
until it nearly did his selfesteem in.

We threw him in the sea,
water baby was he.

We threw him car shampoo,
but this did not remove the smell of poo.

His journey home was via someone car boot,
but he did not give a hoot.

Never again did he visit Pier One,
for he was the recipient of the stall door mong!

The End.

* True story. Happened in either 98 or 97. Can you imagine someone busting open the stall door arrse first, letting loose at full steam? :D

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