The ASTOR Programme

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by subbsonic, Oct 11, 2005.

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  1. A long awaited deep ISTAR assett that will close siginficant gaps in high-intensity warfare capabil

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  2. A useful tool in keeping Imagery Analysis alive within the Army?

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  3. The only opportunity the Army has to prevent the Crab-air borg collective from totally enveloping th

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  4. A reliable Landrover, Laptop and PRR would be far more use to most of us, than this white elephant?

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  5. A fantastic idea 15-20 years ago, but little use in contemporary operations?

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  1. Fascinated to read about the form-up of 5 (AC) Sqn in the R+L that turned up in last week's post. Time for a bit of healthy debate, this is a topic that is going to take up a few resources in the coming years ( that before the all the Army seats are handed over to Crab air or worse, Arty Int!! )

    What do you think about the ASTOR platform?
  2. think my copy must be in the mail still, can you summarise? how many posts etc, what sort of thing? as i understand it, there will be one corps slot in the back of the aircraft?
  3. look Mum.... Soldiers !!!!
    The question is who needs enlargement most: those masquerading in Grow bags, or those masquerading in C95?

    Photo removed by Mod. I suspect Arrse gets a few more visitors than other locations where this picture might be visible.
  4. Adastra. Why do you insist on posting replies which end up compromising people. This isn't the first time. Last time I seem to recall, you were banding around the names of RAF personnel who had done SD. When are you going to post anything of relevance or interest or benefit to this forum?

    CPunk, is it worth deleting his post as I don't see how it provides anything to the good and benfit of the thread? I certainly would not be happy having my photo displayed on a military orientatd website.
  5. Text edited by Mod.[/]

    Any names were mentioned to you alone in PM format. Banding about is scarcely the definition of a PM, if I recall you had challenged me to provide collateral, which I did privately in the spirit of a grown up exchange.

    If a PM does not suit you, your only course of action seems to be to bleat about it in public.

    Pardon my lack of judgement, I thought you were a grown-up.

    Are you a JSP 440 nazi / padlock counter by any chance??

    When are you going to post anything of relevance or interest or benefit to this forum?

    Get a life!!
  6. Comedy wig and moustache back right?
  7. Actually its "Bandying" about not banding
  8. Comedy 'tache P69?
  9. I thought it made me look butch

  10. Text edited by Mod However, I still would not be happy bringing more attention to it by including it on a website like this which is far more known about and used by journalists and other un-desirables. Unwelcome attention is not something I crave. Like the report in the national papers during early 2002, stating that a certain joint unit in the east of the country were activiely involved in the hunt for UBL. They weren't of course but its stupid comments like that that bring unwelcome attention.

    And in reply to your last question, no i am not a JSP440 Nazi, I have nothing to do with CI/Sy but like the majority of us in a green uniform, I do take my personal security quite seriously. Unlike the the majority of those that wear light blue.
  11. Back to the subject though, it's nice to see that we're sticking to the usual Corps policy of thinking about such questions five years too late to materially affect anything. We'll get what was decided long ago as it's far too late on such a programme to start changing anything significant.
  12. I'm torn between option 3 and option 5. Whilst it may well have been an excellent asset for detecting the armoured hordes of 3 Shock Army, as they are rolling across the IGB; I fear it's not going to help us track down Bin Laden whilst he's hiding in a cave on the Afghan/Pakistan Border.

    The Crab J2 are desperately clinging on to their Cold War ideologies, and I am of the belief that some of them genuinely think that Putin is going to unleash wave after wave of nuclear-equipped bomber formations, with the sole intention of wiping Lincolnshire from the face of the earth.
  13. can they do Wales while they're at it? :)
  14. Thank God I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about. Until a couple of years ago I thought C4ISTAR was one of those big yankee aeroplanes with strange bulges all over it.
  15. The strange bulges you refer to are caused by the fat f*cking septics crammed inside :)