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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Murphy_Slaw, Jul 8, 2013.

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  1. Had a quick search and couldn't find anything on the forth coming Ashes series.
    So after the Lions win down under, can England heap on the sporting misery for the Colonial crims?
    My prediction. England to win 3-1
    Man of the series, Jimmy Anderson.

    Botham is predicting a 10-0 whitewash over the back to back series(ha ha). But then again he loves winding the Ozzies up!
  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I am not very knowledgable about cricket but I do like watching it. I like the subtle nuances of strike rates, tactical bowling or batting, chasing the rain with one side trying to get as much cricket played while the other looks to slow it down.

    I understand how draws are declared with one side not having sufficient time to play a full innings etc but I would like to know how this is worked out. Bit like the offside rule I suppose, if one understands it then fine all is clear, but if one does not then it is very confusing.

    I hope England see off the Aussies.
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  3. Predictions:

    A much harder series than anyone expects.
    Australian bowling attack excels in English conditions.
    Improbable people like Phil Hughes get sackful of runs.
    Root dropped / down the order by 5th Test.

    Hopefully I will be wrong on all counts, but there is a whiff of complacency in the air (media and public: probably not in the England Team)
  4. Just joined the fantasy ashes competition:

    Cricket Fantasy | Home | ESPN Cricinfo

    Short notice, I know, but I have created an ARRSE league called The ARRSE League, password is arrsewipe.

    In answer to A_Y. Nobody fully understands cricket, thats the beaty of it. Draws are declared when both teams have done enough to earn their match bonuses and the pubs are open. Don't get me started on Duckworth-Lewis!!!
  5. Here we go!

    Just joined too, hit send with 1 second to go.

    Big swing!!
  6. KP looking a bit nervous..
  7. Just floated into the pub to catch an hour or so of the afternoon session expecting to see England resume two wickets down, but I was a minute or two late and they're three down. Arse.

    They'd bloody better shape up and start digging in or they'll be one down in the series.

    Given that we won the toss and chose to bat can I assume that there has been a whiff of complacency in the air?

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  8. We always start the first test poorly, it's sort of a tradition.

    Trott will drop anchor and steady the ship. Bairstow and Prior can blast a swift 100 partnership.

    It's a dry pitch which will play into Swans hands, plus look at the Aussies batting line up, a fair few lefties there!

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  9. I hope you're right. But I don't think the Aussies will see it that way.

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  10. I disagree. We won the toss and batted. 118 for one I could live with. For two even, but three wickets down at this stage just after lunch on day one having won the toss? With 118 on the board?

    Thank goodness Trotty looks like he's dropping anchor.

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  11. Why does Bell never fill me with confidence?
    I would say honours even at the moment but England need a partnership.
    And I thought the wearers of the baggy green weren't supposed to swing the ball!!!!
  12. I never judge a Test Match until both teams have batted.

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  13. Shit.

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  14. I hope I didn't put the mockers on him.

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