The Ashes Series - holding on to little urn for dear life

Current feelings on our Test chances?

  • Win well and bring the little jar home to where it belongs

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  • Win due to a minor miracle - heart attacks all round

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  • Neck and neck after getting our eye in - too close to call

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  • Pipped at the post - another so near but so far job

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  • Convincingly beaten - but a good effort by the boys

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  • Smashed around the park - tails between legs job

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If the ecstacy and the agony of the coming series comes anywhere near last year then we're in for a cracker.

Seems like the boys' 'strategy' is off to a flyer, lulling the Aussies into a false sense of something or other: Donewanna worra 'but uz

"We are slow starters and have been on a few trips. We have two games against New South Wales and South Australia and will be looking to improve next week."

Here's the run down:

23-27 Nov - 1st Test, Brisbane
1-5 Dec - 2nd Test, Adelaide
14-18 Dec - 3rd Test, Perth
26-30 Dec - 4th Test, Melbourne
2-6 Jan - 5th Test, Sydney
Warm up game 9 Nov.:

Prime Minister's XI beat England by 166 runs

England won the toss and decided to field

Prime Minister's XI Innings
347 for 5 (50.0 overs)
England Innings
181 all out (38.4 overs)
Judging by your negative selection of poll answers we don't even need to vote. Two choices are for a win, one for a draw and three for a loss. On that note if we win, I'll eat my hat.
skintboymike said:
Judging by your negative selection of poll answers we don't even need to vote. Two choices are for a win, one for a draw and three for a loss. On that note if we win, I'll eat my hat.
Good drills that man. A Freudian failure and inbuilt English bias towards favouring defeat, maybe?
The Aussies are a bunch of old men. It is going to be hard and it doesn't look promising, but forget the one day cr@p. Come the first test then it will be game on. Not too sure about Jones behind the sticks, but h is there because of Flintoffs injury. He isn't fit enough to play with 4 bowlers so we need to stiffen the batting, but that does mean that we can afford to play Monty instead of Giles, who isn't a match winner. Jones is also an Aussie (from Toowoomba) so he'll hopefully be pumped. Wish I was at the Gabba, great ground and Bris Vegas is a top night on the lag..
Tour match, Sydney, day three of three: New South Wales 355-9 dec & 194-6 v England 349


Pietersen revving nicely should at least give a momentary pause for thought.

Bell, Bell, Bell! It just ain't gonna happen.
England to get fcuked over 5-0. Too much time at the tattoo parlour and not enough time in the nets. Success, fame, media hype has shafted them good and proper. I hope we win but when we don't I'll gloat.
OK, In a break from the good old tradition of just assuming that we are going to get hammered I will stick my neck out.

The ashes are like the FA Cup, albeit far more important. I appreciate that Australia will raise their game but I fully expect England, backed by the Barmiest of Armies, to more than rise to the challenge. I think we will lose the first test, probably by a country mile - thus lulling the Aussies into a false sense of security. I think it will be 1-1 (with 2 draws) heading to Sydney and I predict an England win in the 5th test to retain the Ashes.

My ladbrokes betting slip looks like this

1st test Aus win
2nd test Draw
3rd test Draw
4th test Eng win
5th test Eng win

I'm staying positive, as I was when we won the ashes last year - after everyone had written us off.

I'm also prepared to eat my shorts if necessary, but as long as matches are hard fought and everyone gives 110% I'll be happy.
Try sitting in a Mess full of Aussies, this is getting more painful as each pathetic English ball goes past! No.. please let's have some more overthrows!!!...aaarrrggghhh!

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