The Art of Safe Assessment

we always "assess that such-and-such may happen", or "consider that X is probably the most likely course of action"... but has anyone seen a better example of a "covering your arse" assessment? :)

Ahh, but they can neither confirm nor deny that he is still alive or dead. Personally I think he is running a kebab outlet on the "White Shops" in Catterick. However due to a lack of decent reporting, it is likely that I may have assessed the situation with an ethnic bias, and the kebab shop owner is, in reality, the former "punkah wallah" from "It Ain't Half Hot Mum". Either that or my medication has failed to kick in this morning, and Bin Laden is actually running a kosher restaurant in Gateshead.

edited to add:

That was my 2000th post on Arrse. 2000 meaningless snippets of shyte, over a three year span. I really must get a life. :(

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