The art of Face Plants.

Well you can't pretend you've never done it! Goodness know, alcohol has been responsible for a fair few face-plants for me...a particularly noteable one being me, trying to jump over a railing, about mid-shin height, getting the toes of my trainers stuck on the railing and my body kept going :s, a little on the painful side but I can see the funny side now :)

I can't be the only one who's ever done that........?


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I have to mention again the 'tard that cycled down a flight of steps onto a railway platform the day before yesterday . . . . and then continued straight off the edge and face planted the life rail.

Quick update - after a few minutes twitching and frying, the power was turned off, he was then turned back on by medics and carted off to hospital. At this time, he hasn't croaked, so only warrants an Honourable Mention in Darwin Awards.

See the steps on the left, and the edge of the platform, and in the middle of the picture, the electrical heating element.

I just sooo can't understand why you would bother cycling down a flight of're free-wheeling, therefore not exercising, rendering the action useless.....why bother....???
I did the dyng swam a couple of times onboard as well; go to step through over a hatch combing, catch your lead foot but momentum takes the rest of your body forward anyway, fall on your face.
I'll admit to doing a face plant today at work got out the cab of the wagon and missed the bottom step because theyve given us new wagons and they got 3 steps rather than the 2 steps the old ones had.
cue one ripped pair of trousers, a gashed knee and a broken front tooth
ooh i just thought of another incident, not quite a faceplant but just as funny

on a potential officer insight course a while back, we didnt finsh a command task right so we got sent for a wee run, it had been snowing, it was icy and we were in a field covered in cow shit, as i stoped to turn around and run back to the command task, my feet kept going and the rest of me stayed where i was, ended up flat on my back in the snow, and im fairly sure i landed in one of those lovely cow droppings....not so cool at all....
wtf does pwn'd mean by the way?

Like a good face plant, and ill be lookig at that one when i get back home tonight.

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