"The Arrser (Der Vaterland) Tour Piss-up 2011

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Aleegee1698, Sep 8, 2011.

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  1. I always thought I was the only "Tommy" left behind in FRG, waiting for a Cold-war medal, and to boot, the coveted NDM, but alas, 21 months of Arrsery tells me otherwise.

    All those Piss-ups that our Arrse colleagues fabricate in the UK, the endless threads about how great they were, who shagged who, who left his wallet at home, and who ended up with "that Chinky what looked really fit".

    Also, its a P-Coy and AACC-free environment, cos they only ever made it over here at Arnhem in 44, and Calais 41, so its guaranteed almost "You Hat-cunt" free. So no all night waffling about Glider-landings and Under-water Knife fighting.

    I propose Hannover at Crimbo time, The Weihnachtsmarkt is on and theres plenty of Burds and She-males on the prowl, enjoy a nice Glühwein whilst punching the shit out of eachother for any experienced online discrepencies.

    Should 5 Deutsche Arrsers attend, I ll put up €50 "Trinkgeld" to Hols4heroes for our Boys.

    All names on this thread please, Recce19, Schadenfreudefest, Camberwell Carrot, Ronin(GE), FSK300, you know who you are. And someone who has the ability and time to organise appreciated!
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  2. Christmas my arse. I'm not coming if those cunts are.

    Dies mag zwar eine etwas respektlose Bemerkung sein, doch vorstelle ich, dass ihr verstehen, dies nur ein Scherz ist ^_~
  3. You Spolisport. Dir ist nicht mehr zu helfen.

    P.S. Ping-Pong-Ching from The "Thai-Haus", Hanover, asked where that "bloke is that did the funny things with the melon". I dread to think, poor lass.
  4. Ich mach nur Spaß, du Miesling. My limbic system struggles just before Depot Day, and I get a bit disinhibited. BUT - Not a single fucking bite; I expect they hate me really: Double Bluff, shit. Now I'm getting paranoid. My shrink said I was paranoid and delusional. Well he didn't actually say it, but I knew what the cunt was thinking.

    Schon gut, schon gut. Sounds Spaß Old Boy; es hängt davon ab, ob dieses Loch in meinem Bauch plastered over sein könnte. Ich war noch nie in Hannover, kannst Du daß vorstellen? Laß dann uns sehen wie es sich entwickelt.

    Denkst Du, dass die Jungs mich für den Aufruf von Fotzen verzeihen werden? Könntest Du vielleicht erklären, dass dies nur ein einfaches Missverständnis war. Sorreee ^_~

    Späters Dude.
  5. why not have a pissup at the GB club in Minden, they are true holiday for heroes supporters, no muck and bullets, but quite a few members from 60,s and 70,s,
    baor units, ask them nicely they might even ask Sonny Burns of MG fame to entertain you, sorry I wont be able to make it , can only manage Australia germany once every 2 years
    let me know if you do decide on Minden The first bottle of Ratzeputz will be on me
  6. DER Vaterland? DER?
  7. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    So you never bothered with the Bielefeld crawls then?
  8. Yeah it's been changed. You missed a meeting, dear Limenitis Archippus? ^_~

  9. I might be able to drag myself up there
  10. Hanover, mmmhhh, old stamping ground.....the "Hannenfass" and all those staircases full of brasses in the red light area, it certainly has it's merits and you can chin a few Scientologists or the leader of all the German hells angels whilst you're at it.

    Timings, dates, dress, come as your avatar????
  11. Nignoy, where exactly is/was this club? (Street etc.) I was at 11 Armd '72-'74 and wouldn't mind a trip up/down memory lane sometime.
  12. Das, oder?'

    Although to the chagrin of She Who Must Be Obeyed, I have successfully ignored German articles, or indeed just about any form of grammar for some three decades now. I've told her I'll learn them when someone can give me a logical explaination as to why a table is masculine, a lamp feminine, and a beer neuter.
  13. Der, die, das all means the same to me, I ll never get my head round all that grammar.

    All the Germans understand what I mean though!
  14. My experience has been that the majority appreciate the effort you make in speaking their language, and will strive to understand what you are trying to get across. If asked, they will gladly help out with grammar, lexis, idiom etc, but very few indeed will be able adequately to explain in any detail the ins and outs of the matter. Smartarsed cunts who'd go to any lengths either not to understand you, or to score points in correcting you, are few and far between, and represent only a small percentage of the population as a whole. That percentage is significantly higher in the Bundespolizei, which is represented by some of the most charmless bastards in Western Europe.

    Daily Tip: That Gloryhole girl you communicate with on a Friday night: she's not actually German. Oh, and, "she's" not actually a girl either ^_~.
  15. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I had a flat in Ronnenberg for 3 years - too many ex's in Hannover, and 1 Turkish and 1 Welsh (no shit) drug dealer that wants to kill me, although if Rainbows is still there I guess the clientele has changed in 15 years.....and the dealers are either big enough to have found me, or are no longer relevant ;-)