The Arrseonian Empire

Just how many nations have the Arrseonian hordes conquered and added to the Empire. Apart from Arrseonia herself, by my reckoning we have at least;

Western Europa.
ZZ Jargon Pact.

What are the others.


Calvinist Country - home of the Grand Duchess Scaryspice herself.


Nationstates Army
A World of Great Nations - set up by arrse as a refuge

(Am I the only one paying attention?)



Semmystan is still maintaining a lonely vigil in "we do not exist"


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There's only Tubbyboy and me in ZZ Jargon Pact. Kinda mutually dependent.

It wasn't exactly difficult to take but am I alone in thinking that NS may have run its course? I'm checking in every day just out of habit now.


Incidentally, are we still using BFG's ARRSEmail for VU? (and D_D, I thought the forwarded email was very funny)
Sixtyfootdoll said:
It wasn't exactly difficult to take but am I alone in thinking that NS may have run its course?
NS? I think I remember that......

It's (much) faster than V_U so may have occasional spurts of life left to it. The thing with NS is it doesn't seem to give you any particular advantage to have a Nation established for any long period of time, other than being able to choose your own name. Might be worth using the safe havens with a watchkeeper to warn of Nations about to die of old age and warn the group via arrsemail. Similarly if, from time-to-time the still committed players need an assist.
I'm going to start weeding through the Arrseonia board next week, chooping, cutting and merging threads to keep it lean. I am in no doubt at all that we're going to see a rapid 'die off' in about 2 weeks time, but there will still be a few hardy souls beavering away.

If nothing else, Arrseonia affords those who wish to play a safe haven, without some dullardy idiots getting involved - you know who I mean.

I see the whole 'Arrseonia' board becoming the home of all manner of (frankly silly) games with 2 weeks lifespans, but that's fine - I like the fact that we now have large gangs of ARRSErs all doing something together, apart from ganging up on walts, journos, gays, BB (and all her other sad dull incarnations) etc etc.

Long live the Connect Four crew! :)

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