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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Proximo, Jan 1, 2006.

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  1. No - not porn of any kind.

    I've finally got round to sorting out an online video host to use. My homepage is here

    I will be putting all manner of 'stuff' on there - mostly military style vids - but also absolute gems like the 'Xmas Lights' film.

    If anyone has a film they want hosting for all and sundry, please either PM with the URL so I can grab it, or email it to me at and I will upload it.

    Here is a small example - 11Mb of streaming media - ensure you're sound is up to for work - unless you work in a nunnery.

    Click the pic!


    NAAFI Mods - sorry to be so cheeky - beers are on me! :D

    Edited to add: If anyone wants an original copy, let me know and I'll throw a copy to Rapidshare for you. Also edited to change the email addy.
  2. Im not a big fan of the septics but that was kind of catchy
  3. If you'd like a gmail account for that, (they give 2GB plus of storage for mail and attachments)
    PM me.
  4. RCS - I will - dunno how much I get with Yahoo, but I'm guessing not much! Let's see if anyone bothers to ask.

    Next up is the 'Magic Carpet' film - very relaxing in a kind of repressed fighter pilot kind of way, then we're moving on to airstrikes from Afghanistan.
  5. usual, click the pic!


    Errr...airstrikes next, until I get bored of them and move on to IED footage or something.
  6. 'Endless Love' - couldn't resist...


  7. Done. Check your darths_videos @
  8. I have a few Sceptre/spooky movies from afganistan if you want them.
  9. Now that was Bob on. Im into that fly round in planes sh1t. Can brain dead scousers join???
  10. P_3 - I have the really good one of the attack on the compound where you can hear the SF chap talking in Spooky - is that the one you mean?

    Next - click the pic!

  11. I have the one where the FAC was doing a type 3 control via a predetor .May be the same one . If you want some
    class FAC murder death kill ,i will get them together and get them to you .In hot !!!
  12. Ok - so I had to do this instead...


  13. Should keep Pave of my back for a few more seconds...

  14. Cheers mate , i will leave you alone now . Good one !
  15. More of everyone's fave President.

    No not Blair - the other one! :D