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Further to the note above, the two photos are of extremes. Pied and white wagtails can interbreed, leading to examples with more or less of the tar brush. So can any combination of the dozen or so sub-species of the yellow wagtail. The only common European version we don't see much of is the grey wagtail, which looks like an anaemic yellow one.
Loads of Sparrows and Starlings here, counted 24 red kites and 10 buzzards on the way home from work. Thought I saw my first fieldfare of the autumn but it was a way off.
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Seen very few starlings during the summer, though I am awaiting them to return to their winter roost up on Salisbury Plain, then there will be thousands upon thousands of them.


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Not mine, but off a friend of a relative on social media.
Well I learned something today. I meet a bloke on the seafront occasionally who is a real expert, he does the British Trust for Ornithology surveys for our area. He was about this morning and we got talking about wagtails. The most common in the UK is the pied wagtail:-

Pied wagtail

Over the past few years I've been seeing rather paler examples that I took to be white wagtails, then decided I was imagining things and they were juveniles. However, it turns out I was right and they are the white version:-

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Which are commoner on the Continent. Despite Brexit these foreigners continue to enter the country without permission. Disgraceful.....
Now you've gone and done it!!

I'd never noticed the differences, but I've just been watching a very light grey one in the Lidl car park at Chesil Beach.

The little bugger won't stay around to let me take a pic :rolleyes:
Got to be the first time an ARRSER can't focus on a tight little bird.
I was torn between tight little birds for here and heffalumps for the fat munters thread ;)
Spotted the first starling murmuration of the autumn today when out with the dogs, on SPTA, the younger spaniel stopped and put his front paws up on the range boundary fence staring intently into the distance.

Had a look to see what had caught his eye and saw what looked like an air burst round going off in the direction of Larkhill, 3-4 km away, funny I thought, no accompanying sound and the red flags are not flying.

The air burst rapidly dissipated and was replaced by the typical twisting motions of a starling murmuration, heading towards Westdown Camp, shows what excellent eyesight spaniels have.

Hopefully the starlings will come back our way rather than giving Tilshead the delights of their displays, there is a long-standing roost in the Redhorn Hill area which is much closer, I just hope they haven’t shifted their roost.

I will keep you posted whenever I next spot them, looking forward to their overflying me as they leave the training area for a days foraging.


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Walking on a beach, could see a large bird of prey in distance, due to a curve lost sight of it for a minute, and it was gone.
However its talons left a fair spread

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