The Arrse Premier League Season 08/09

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by heidtheba, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. Okay folks, that time again :D

    After 8 hours of trying to get the clicky thing to work I've got it (hopefully).

    Last seasons winner was the IRON who is currently still celebrating with the penquins :wink:

    d_s is currently building sandcastles, with the first winner CAARPS soon to join him so you are stuck with me as admin :roll:

    The entry cut-off is Aug 15th at 2000hrs GMT, so get moving!

    A word of warning, when logging in to enter, in the first and surname part appears as the Managers name, so type carefully :wink:

    PM me for the code, and may the fun begin :D

  2. Come on CAARPS, you big girl...............
  3. Go on then Heidtheba, and I'm not going to hold back this year!

    [edited to say : even if it's just alphabetically , I am top of the league for the first time]
  4. I almost called my team AAA just to beat indoubitably at the start 8O

    Heid, this big girl will return to form and leave you in my wake :D

    Come on you reds
  5. Its my turn this season....I can feel it in my bowls (or is that just the D&V)

    pm sent Heid
  6. Mate of mine is just joining - hows the league looking heid?
  7. At present we only have 7 entrants :x

    Come on people, get joining.
  8. You know the score, August 16th you will be inundated with requests to join.

    As it stands, I get a top seven finish, and get to go intertoto cup, and get the chance to be beaten by a Swiss amateur fantasy league team in the first qualifying round.

    That is what happens, isn't it?
  10. Bump - come on people get the teams in
  11. Make that 8 teams now!


    Im the friend of the drain sniffer, unfortunatlely! i think that might put him into double figures now! Bless the silver fox.

    Nobody likes to be near auburn conkers, so i will try and keep it that way this season, either being miles top or luton style bottom!

    Let the banter commence!
  12. Welcome AC.

    d_s actually said to me in a PM that you are a bit of a lonelr and dull, so he invited you in :? :wink:
  13. He is ginger and a Leeds fan..............nuf said
  14. :D
  15. Can't we make him feel at home, by docking him 15 points and ignoring all appeals?