The ARRSE Political Party

The ARRSE Political Party

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With New labour being about as good as a new pile dog schitt, and the tories with more in fighting and bitching than a WI meeting.

Why not start "The Arrse Party" or maybe a different name for PC reasons.

What are possibilties and the implications of it happening?

Im serious on this one, so keep your monkey loving somewhere else.

"Regime change starts at home" why not start it here
Considering the present bunch of Fuckwits in power, we couldn't make things any more worse than what they already are.

We need a manifesto to embrace the following trouble areas:


Any ideas?
How about arranging a final coup within the Tories, installing some prominent arrse users in prominent roles and some really nasty arrse callsign as Chief Whip.... theat should suffice as a reasonable counter-bickering measure.

Failing that dust off Maggie.....
Why not just strike???? It works for the Fire Men :wink: :wink:
Can I champion defence :D :D , and do education :oops: :oops:
Ok, let's see if we can keep it serious this time

I think it's a subject we can get to grips with, there is enough talent and intelligence in Arrse to put a half decent portfolio together.

Oh and thread hijacks get culled :D
This could be interesting. What's the concensus: some method of challenging the current w*nkers, either by supporting someone specific, or our own candidate(s)?

I still like the idea of getting Bliar out by registering in Sedgefield for postal votes. Could we get someone to stand against him?
Put a kipper up against him. For a start it has more personality, it won't give you an inane grin and it will never lie to you.
Viro, either one will do . And there is rather a lot of work/expense to running a candidate in an election. However, if they were to stand in a Military centric area, I dare say they wouldn't lose their (our) deposit.

On the subject of the postal vote, the person has to be living in Sedgefield on the date of the election. So if your place of residence, is "The Barley Mow, Sedgefield High Street" then that's it.

Incidentally, your residence can also be "Farmer Browns field in a tent for the duration Sedgefield" . The important word here is intention

It is your intention to be resident in Sedgefield on the day of the vote.

I believe that's how it works, I know I have one of my politicos on overwatch here, so he'll soon put me right if I'm not :D

As regards a candidate to stand against him, I'm sure there's an Ex Military bod up there, as heartily sick of the Beloved one, as the rest of us.
Well Dui-Lai,

Back in the day , the Shot or Winchester, maybe Colchester. Have we got any really big Garrison Towns left?

What about Plymouth or Portsmouth etc? Are there any really big Air Force Bases and areas left?

We are after all, a proposed Party interested in a Tri-Service stance.

Which reminds me, how is the vote conducted for overseas personnel? Say BFG or BSA Cyprus? I assume they'll be postal.

Personally, I think the postal thing could work, you know how irreverant service personnel can be :D

Viro, not sure if there is a candidates list for Sedgfield, but remember, Bluppet will throw everything into the political fight there. the one advantage we (hope) have , is that he'll be campaigning for the local vote , we're campaigning, to have our people register their postal votes there. 30,000 should so the trick nicely :D
Just sat down and saw Question Time on TV-why not try get a debate on there with a Military audience??

Allow the squaddie, Matelot or Crab the opportunity to quizz the idiots/wannabe idiots in charge. Put an ARRSE candidate in there too. Should be "eventful" to say the least.

Problem, would the heirarchy allow us the freedom to slate MPs on TV? Publically critise the MoD? :?
Nice idea Dui-Lai

2 problems though .

1. I think the same "Talking to the press" rules would apply.

2. I don't think Mentorn will go for a totally Military audience. However, they might like the idea of mixing the Services in with Doctors, nurses, Police and Fireblokes?

But we'd still have to overcome the "Permission to speak freely" element , unless the people in the audience were "recently retired" *Theatrical Wink*

I could give them a ring and sound them out on the idea though NV NG etc

Not sure what Queens Regs. have to say about giving a politician welly on prime time TV :lol:
This is such a good idea. Do we know when the last day for registration as a postal voter is?
We could start getting all sorts together.
There was a cav officer who retired to take up his seat in the house of lords as he was mightily pissed off with the moritorium on fuel back in the 80s. Might have come from somewhere like Morpeth.
He took a liberal seat but may be willing.
If nothing else when the reporters read what is happening they will blow the story and it will let the nation know how people feel.
There are a number of precedents for independents or single-issue parties taking individual seats - Martin Bell, for example.

Clearly any ARRSE effort is not going to take over government, but a supported or sponsored candidate may well be able to have some influence on matters important to the service community, and represent the opinions of military personnel and their families rather better than most current MPs.

When was the last time anyone serving was canvassed (other than by chance through living off-camp) prior to an election? The military community is still relatively large, has its own important issues and is largely ignored by the mainstream parties. A candidate or party who actually takes the trouble to comunicate could do well.

As PTP says putting up a candidate is quite expensive at General Elections (different for local councils - he and I have both stood), so choosing an exsiting candidate to support (who will agree to represent our views) is probably the best bet.

To Glory we steer!
You forgot law and order - a vitally important issue
It just takes a little spark to start a forest fire! :D

There is talent on this site and being Squaddies, Matelots and Crabs we all have an opinion
maybe we should start putting names to jobs. Not being a great follower of the whys and wherefores of how government works apart from where to vote on the right day I am no expert. And to start off with one seat is great start, and you have to start somewhere.

Party Leader.
Law and Order
Health (includes PT)

If there are more add them, but keep it serious(A minister for Porn is not allowed :( )

If this takes off then we will need a broad sheet at the top with representation from the top middle and lower echelons of all three services.
Will the Party extend membership to the Blue Light services as well?

Especially as there are so many Ex-Forces in all 3?

And can we think of a working name for this Party?

We also need a clear objective that we are working towards.

What are our reasons (to be publicly stated) for wanting to take this political route?

Will we be keeping this as a solus operation, or will we work towards presenting a powerful bloc of votes, to one of the National Parties?

Let's work seriously towards getting at least one candidate up, in an area where we know we can get support quickly, and which will be of News value.

To that end, any journalists looking in, we'll need your input on how best to achieve this.

What we do need, especially if we wish to include Blue Light services, is a common mandate on which we stand first. I've seen first hand, how even something this simple can get mired down, as each representative have their own issues they want brough to the fore, but it can be worked through.

In other words, a 10 point manifesto of intent.

If the concensus agrees to include Blue Light in this political initative, then I'd like some input from the ex-forces Firebods and NHS lurkers please?

"Single Issue" parties can get elected, as UKIP and the Kidderminster NHS proved.

But we need to appraoch this with a Military mind and organisation. In coming days, we will need to pick people to do certain roles, be it support, canvassing donations, publicity etc etc. We need to identify workers , contributors and journalists who are willing to help post haste.

Democracy is a wonderful and precious thing, and the "little man" can make a difference.

But I don't want this to be all talk and no action. If you think you are in a position to help, or know people who would be willing to get involved in planning and executing a plan for a new political body, then get in touch.

In the interim, I'll be looking closely at the mechanics of getting this launched.

Above all, anything we do or implement, must not be in contravention of the Regulations that govern our day to day lives.

We can make a difference , or at the very least , we can make sure we are heard.

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