*The ARRSE Parody Thread*

A thread to add ARRSE made Parody Videos ...

A little starter:

Hitler loses his original ARRSE Challenge Coin after being banned from the ARmy Rumour SErvice, and after a year of buying rounds of Steins in the Officers Mess, sends his spy Göring to steal or buy an ARRSE Challenge Coin from the ARRSE HQ Mess.

I must admit Gundy (can I call you Gundy?) that at first I thought the idea was pants. But I was wrong, it was brilliant. :)

(What programme do you use to add the subtitles etc?)
Very funny.

Although I think Stacker1 over egged his performance.

Hmm, whats that? Oh, it was Hitler. Right, right. My bad.


Book Reviewer
F'kin classic, the guy in the office with me was wetting himself and he hasn't got a clue what ARRSE is. I had fun explaining who teh characters mentioned were especially when it came to the FiveAlpha bit.
Can anyone remember the "Bum titty bum" Monkey styley thread we had about 5 years ago? Sort of Bollywood-ish thing? I can't think of the key words to search on. It involved a lot of MDN and Flash bumming each other.
Excellent! Loved it!! :grin:
Made Oi larf. Good one there, I just guffawed and startled a class going on right now next door. I await the next effort with anticipation, now get to it and screw the plans you had for the weekend.
Funny as f*ck that mate, nice one

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