The ARRSE Hole

As ARRSE grows in popularity so does it's share of trolls, idiots and lunatics. The ARRSE Hole is here to allow the site moderators to collect examples of their work by moving posts from elsewhere on the site, rather than just deleting them. True masters of unwanted posts may even get their own thread.

As a by product it also mean that you can post anything in here no matter how stupid, irrelevant or offensive, with the exception that site policy regarding OPSEC, PERSEC and extreme political, racist etc views will still not be tolerated.

Worthy of note is that the posts in here were unacceptable in their original forum, so some posts of current affairs origin may not be that bad, and if a post is sent here from the NAAFI Bar then it really was terrible.

All moderators can moderate this forum.
A high quality post, and one that is in danger of being moved in to the NAAFI for being too good! Actually MB, I owe you an apology for not answering your last message about the rapist lawyers. Will have a look now.
Blimey, that is hairy!
sparkysapper said:
How hairy???
Rumor has it that moody's arrse hole is so hairy that it has dreadlocks and resembles a Rastafarian
lololololol, have you been taking pics through the bathroom window again you rancid septic!

Whats wrong with dried on bum conkers anyway - sometimes I get a real waft of them in the mornings - reminds me of your breath Ctauch ;)

Please be careful.

He's pining for Corpse and maybe he thinks you're a substitute.
reassuringly_badgers said:
Now this is what I like. Utter insane drivel sanctioned!

So where are the boundaries? ....
Finally! A forum where I can talk about my time with the SBS as a Special Advisor (watches, diving) during which I was deployed on hush-hush submarine black ops to the sandpit.

Obviously won't mention the 2 VC's, the OBE or the Congressional Medal of Honour that I was awarded cos I don't like to brag.
I've sort of lost the thread here. Klingons, conkers... rimming as a sport enters a new league when your nose is tickled. Shaving's the name of the game. Whatever happened to that great ARRSE poll on preferred Box Admin?

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