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The Arrse Guide - your help required

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Archduke Charles, Jul 14, 2011.

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  1. Evening all,

    Attentive Arrsers will have spotted this thread posted by a certain Maj D. Astor (possibly a pseudonym) looking for your help.

    What the good Major is looking for specifically is listed below:

    Free money

    £10.00 will be paid for every photograph used and can be paid either direct or as a donation to Hols for Heroes. So, you can either buy yourself several tubes of fighting juice or assist MDN in his dastardly scheme to bugger defenceless amputees in sunny Spain. Everyone's a winner (except for the buggeree, obviously)

    All pics to arrseguide(at) please.

  2. so you want us to provide all the photos and then next write the book, lazy basterds.
  3. As I understand it from the author, the manuscript was handed to the publisher some time ago. It's help with the photographs he's after.
  4. I sent him a CD with some photos of penguins and stuff on yesterday. He should have it in the morning.
  5. You probably didn't get any further than Timmys and the Crab and Sprocket so no need to send your Op tour photos of The Falklands Sluggy.

    Sixty Ive got a photo of a Chally 2 and Warrior 513 on my profile...are they ok?? can send a few more all donations to Chaaaaarity
  6. Thanks Iron. I believe so as long as you took them yourself so that there's no copyright issue. Banging them to the email address above will be your best bet though for a definitive answer.
  7. I didn't even go to those bars, why socialise with people I work with?

    I'm gutted I couldn't put the photos of when I went up in the Herc to do a bit of "Maritime Patrol", but I took them on my highly expensive and tactical camera. (i.e. it's pink and I bought it from Tescos so the quality is shit).