The [ARRSE] Gaming Community is born

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Monaro, Aug 13, 2006.

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  1. In expansion from this thread:

    ...I discovered that many ARRSE members played mil online games. I discussed with others about a new clan and here it is:

    Click Here

    We're currently discussing which game to make our main game...

    Those who wish to join just sign up and look in the recruitment section :wink:

    If we get enough members and we bond well as a clan... you never know, we might end up with a server...

    --- Monny
  2. Well the ARRSE gaming community has only been up for 2 days now but it’s slowly picking up steam.

    We have a whooping 10 members right now, I know there’s more geeks out their lurking on the pages of ARRSE.

    If anyone is interested in playing a few rounds of BF2 or whatever game that tickles your fancy with likeminded individuals then join the clan.

    We have plans to make the spotty teenagers and walts of the virtual world cry :twisted:
  3. I will pwn ur n00b asses at battlefield 2 if you want
  4. Brilliant, then sign up and watch the boards – we’ll be announcing times and servers shortly once membership has picked up and we’ve decided which servers to raid :twisted:

    I’m hoping to have something worked out within the week.

    Anyone who’s ever thought me to be a cnut, now’s your chance to give me the kicking I deserve.
    Form an orderly line now and wait your turn :D
  5. Yep - your sig really did make me think that... :D
  6. Voting for our online gaming community tag has begun

    Cast your votes here.
  7. I just wanted to let you know that we now have our own BF2 server.

    A very big thanks go to welshblokemiles

    See here for details
  8. Goku - just went and bought BF2 Deluxe blah blah blah and I'm installing it right now.

    What do I do now?
  9. You will have to adjust your thinking.

    In BF2, the artillery lands where you tell it to, so you won't be able to blame zone, occasion-to-occasion, poor gun survey, met, drift, rotation of the earth etc etc etc when you miss due to poor map skills :D

    Apart from that, the onscreen instructions should sort you out for setting up your player account etc.
  10. D_D if you haven't got it allready download the 1.3 patch from ]here and install that before attempting to do anything. You'll then need to create an account. Once thats out of the way, You'll need to hit the multiplayer screen. Refresh global servers (Get brew while waiting) then filter the poo one's out by using the check boxes. Oh get your ping down to 200. i suggest you start on the EAUK servers. theres more for newbes on the EA help pages.

  11. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    in other words then, fluff... you're saying that he's a crap FOO and couldn't get a target round if his life depended on it.

    but that doesnt mean he'll kill us all on BF2 then? phew!!

    right, cancel the life insurance boost then, and breathe easy!
  12. Once it’s installed you need to go to the BF2 website and download the v1.3 patch.

    Then go through the process of setting up your game profile, user name, password, etc.

    Once you’re setup and you’ve started the game choose a multiplayer game and pick a server with a good ping to play on.

    Controls are fairly easy to get the hang of.

    Details of our clan server can be found on the site.

    PM me if you have any problems.

    I’ll be logging onto our server tonight after TA :D
  13. Chaps, we’ve obviously got some of you interested.

    Can we please have a few more votes on what our clan name should be.

    Voting ends tonight at 2359, we can’t go running around the virtual world of BF2 with out a team name now can we?
  14. Cool beans. Noise down, Papa!

    I'm downloading the patch - not big enough really is it - then I'll post more bone questions later.

    I already have an EA account - do you want me to create a new one - and if so, do I need to place tags before it, like [ARRSE]Crap_Foo? :)