The ARRSE Diary

The ARRSE Diary is born.

Use this for ARRSE social events, sports fixtures, unit reunions, whatever you want and we'll see what comes of it. I'm expecting great things of it :)

To get it going we obviously need to put a bit of life into it, so feel free to add birthdays, weddings, p iss ups etc, and if you want another event category let me know.

I'll put a proper link on the front page shortly, for the time being it's front page menu only.

Roll up... Roll up! The Diary needs a bit of input to get it going - birthdays, sports, unit reunions, leaving dos, Regimental days and so on. Please add your entries.
Good CO said:
BTW, anyone can submit but all entries are subject to approval.
So, you don't want to know when we are having sex at many intervals, dates and times then.??? she said carefully???
Or .......
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