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So - where am I? I have been working with a variety of people on this and I am basically there (80%) - all of the recipes are done, the histories associated with them are mostly done and I have tested the majority of them to see if they work; but it needs proof reading, refining, proof reading and refining again.

[Sob Story] - we all lead busy lives and I simply have not put the time in to complete these next steps. I am happy to collaborate with anyone who wants to work with me on this, possibly start taking more of a leading role if you have time on your hands. Just send a PM and we can discuss. [Sob Story/]

It's been over a year since you posted this. So how is the book coming along? Feel free to ask others for help, it won't make you less of a man in doing so.

Misspelt in BATCO


I put this in the Lidl thread but I think it should be here.

Here's a recipe that uses that dried up Stilton you were going to bin. It's delicious!


Serves 8

2oz butter
2 rashers finely chopped bacon
1 tsp curry powder (mild madras)
2oz plain flour
1pt milk
½ pt double cream
½ level teaspoon salt
Ground black pepper
2 tbspn Tawny port
4oz grated stilton

1½ lb small button mushrooms

Melt butter and fry lightly with bacon.
Add curry powder and enough flour to absorb.
Add milk slowly stirring continuously.
Add cream.
Add salt and pepper and simmer.
Add stilton and stir until well mixed.
Add mushrooms and bring to boil.

Stir in port.

Serve in ramekin dishes.

Can be frozen

For vegetarian dish omit bacon.

We make twice the amount of sauce and freeze it in small amounts the add the mushrooms when required. It also goes well with chicken.

Thanks go to Diana and Julian St John Brookes.


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Resurrection because this really should happen.. some of the recipes on here have really inspired me to get more creative .... for the spirit of VB to be honoured etc etc
Just read this.
Digging through the cupboards and found TWO tins of bacon grill.

Bacon grill and cheese toastie for breakfast tomorrow it is then. With Tabasco sauce.
We had Bread and Butter Pud yesterday, Raymond Blanc's recipe. Spread Brioche bread with jam and soak the fruit in brandy. Lush.
380ml Double cream
380ml Milk
1/2 tsp Best vanilla extract
4 Medium eggs, organic/free range
2 Egg yolks
180g Caster sugar
1 pinch Sea salt
30g Unsalted butter, diced plus extra to grease
80g Sultanas, soaked for 30 minutes in sugar syrup (*1)
200g Brioche or bread, sliced 1/2 cm thick slices (*2)
10g Icing sugar for dusting
Method at Bread and Butter Pudding - Raymond Blanc OBE
Asmallbrownduck - Wash your mouth out!!! :wink:

As to the book, I have been thinking about it whilst walking Mutt Mysteronand my thoughts about this sees a few chapters that are obvious:

"The Field Kitchen" - Classic Army Recipes, that the rest of the world don't eat and we see every day: Egg Banjos, Marmite Potatoes, Range Stew, etc.

"The Rat Pack" - How to improve 24hour Ration Packs. Possibly try and get a celebrity challenge.

"The Officers' Mess" - The fancy recipes.

"The Cookhouse" - Users variations on Basic and classic Recipes.

"The Hardest Course in the Army" - handy tips on how to improve your cooking techniques.

Thoughts anyone?
Operation Crown Thai Chapter Fifty ways to Wok your Dog!!

Deleted 20555

Off hiking in April - just discovered a supply of Bacon Grill - any recipes would be appreciated.
Mix mayo, squirt of peri peri and hot English mustard in a squeeze bottle. Small tub of chopped onion and chili. Get a bag of pita bread. Slice BG and shove in pita with a spoon of onion and chili. Squirt mustard PP mayo over BG in pita and smash down your neck.

Stick in toastie machine or a couple of seconds on braai if you want it warm.
Off hiking in April - just discovered a supply of Bacon Grill - any recipes would be appreciated.

Slice cold onto biscuits AB and add a topping of cheese possessed.

Alternatively use biscuits brown.
Off hiking in April - just discovered a supply of Bacon Grill - any recipes would be appreciated.

Dent tin.

Boil intact tin in a large mess tin of water.

Used boiled water to make tea, using a teabag the size of a cushion.

Use old teabag to wipe grime off bottom of mess tin.

Hold tin at an angle.

Pierce top edge of tin to allow steam to vent.

Open tin.

Swap contents of tin for something more edible than fecking bacon grill!

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Deleted 20555

Clearly some people have had a very traumatic experience with bacon grill and carry the scars to this day.
Receips from military cooks passed to a central invigilator, with input from civilian cooks re allergens etc ident. - is a good idea.

The potential is unending for say ultramarathon running - Breacon Becon test etc. Could aid Ta Sf units with diet to aid pass etc!

Best opening it up to all, as the global value may provide an on line index that a military charity may attain big money for access, without copyright design right issues

What the actual **** are you on about?

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