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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Heywood_Jablowme, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. I'm not sure if it's been mentioned before, but when i post something it always says it's been posted a good 5-6 mins faster than my PC's clock in the task bar. I am wondering if anyone is watching football using the Arrse clock, If so, can you please post here so that those in GMT can stick bets on for last minute goals etc.

    It's a crying shame really cos i'd be stinking rich off Joe Cole after that dismal display by the Gummy Swede's select poofs.

    I am going to hedge my bets now and stick 10 quid on England winning the Grand Slam this year.
  2. GCHQ fcuk it up after they have read all of our posts, submitted them to the FBI, correlated them with the SCS, checked them with Special Branch and then have finally released them through Q at Century House. I have asked John Cleese to speed the process up but he seemed more interested in giving me an invisible Aston Martin.

    Hope this helps.
  3. You said that minus 3 minutes ago. I think it will help in the future!!
  4. But you have told me that 6 minutes into the future. It would help if you told me what you want before I give the answer as opposed to after I have given the answer and before the second guy on the left next to the girl in green that isn't due to come in for 8 minutes yet has repeated it to me.
  5. if i think what you are going to ask is what you are going to ask then the answer is wait out...what was it you were going to ask?!
  6. 6 minutes? think yourselves very lucky. mine go 10 hours and 6 minutes into the future.

    so if anyone in that time zone could reply and tell me the result of the 11 o'clock at Chepstow, i'd be grateful. 50/50 split? cheers.
  7. Chepstow doesn't exist in this time zone- it is stuck at GMT - 150 years.
  8. Perhaps I've missed something here I can understand the clock is running a few minutes fast but dont think its two weeks slow - i was always under the impression that to win the grand slam you had to beat the other five teams - wasnt there the small point of a reversal against the scots a couple of weeks ago. I know the jocks dont count for a lot but i think its still in the rules.

    Of course i could be being a comple cnut and missed the whole point of the opening comment re the £10=00 bet - if thats the case ill get my coat leave and shu up.
  9. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    May I help you with your coat Mr Osacin?
  10. Come to Daddy!!!!

    Cheers Auld for Wah Policing!!
  11. oh dear. i'd scrub that user ID and start over with a new one now mate ;)
  12. been on here over a year and only just found out i can change my timezone :lol:

    what a tw@t.
  13. How do you do that, it seems you posted that reply tomorrow at 2.04am, think mine may need changing too, I want to be younger not older.
  14. Only wish my clock was about 7 hrs slower - match the speed of my brain - still im a big boy and can handle the sh1t so keep it coming lads.
  15. go to Yr Acct (that's your account, not you're a c*nt :) at the top, then "my preferences" on the left.