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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by top_soldier, Mar 14, 2010.

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  1. With a budget just around the corner, I thought it might be fun to offer ideas to the new Gubment on what we think could save a fortune. I open the debate with cancelling the new high speed rail link between Birmingham and London - it will cost £80 BILLION!!!!!!!!!

    Although it could save 20 minutes on the journey!!!!
  2. As long as whoever wins the contract for the rail link has to employ British Passport Holders, then I fear that it would be of more use long term than what the Trident Replacement would ever be.

    Here's my manifesto for starters:

    - Raise the Tax threshold to £12k (to encourage people to work and not ponce)
    - Remove Working Tax Credits (as a result of increasing the tax threshold)
    - Means test Child Benefit and cap the limit for payments only to the First 2 Children
    - Increase ISA allowances (to encourage more people to save for their retirment)
    - Remove the Road Tax Disc system and instead add a couple of pence to every litre
    - Introduce a Text Tax of 2p per text
    - Remove the 50% tax rate
    - Introduce a progresive and layered system of VAT
    Products under £100 @ 15%
    Products from £101 - £500 @ 17.5%
    Products from £501 - £9,999k @ 20%
    Products above £10k at 22%

    - Cut public sector pay by 3% and totally scrap non-funded pensions on all new positions.
    - Cap midddle to top level's of public sector pay
  3. The tax credit system is carp! It is a job creation scheme for civil servants and seems to cause nothing but trouble for those attempting to benefit from it - or their employers should a small business have the gall to try and attract somebody from the "state reserve of labour" to gainful work.
  4. I find it incredible that we continue to vote in people who do not represent what WE want. Personally, I have seen the infrasturcture crumble over the last five years and suspect that all the budgets could do with a radical shake up, just to see how each department can function on lets say..........5% less??

    The collective 5% then goes directly into paying back the money we as a country have borrowed.
  5. I registered just to say how much I like these. Removing the need to police road tax would save time and money. Text Tax is perfect. Really like the layered VAT idea too.
  6. as a tax it would make loads of money, but why target children? If it is just money you want, why not tax emails? :twisted:
  7. Text messages cost the network operators ZERO, just like an email in effect, as they ride off the back of the network connection for call signals. Why do you think you get so many free texts as part of your phone package. I think texts should be FREE full stop, let alone add vat on them!
  8. Silly me, but I thought that raising money was the whole purpose of taxes...!

    Anyway, when was the last time that you paid an email bill....? Much like the 50% tax rate, the logistics behind setting that up would cost more than what the system could produce. It would also just be another tax on businesses that many can already ill afford. Mobile phones are largely a leisure product so levying a tax on text messages is more palatable.

    Whereas we all already pay a monthly phone bill so adding a 2p levy on all texts messages would be much simpler. Plus, the hidden advantage is that if kids stop sending as many Text Messages their grasp of the English language might also improve and thus reduce the drain on the education budget. To set up an email bill would just be giving in to the Stasi State as it would give them even more reason to snoop and store all our emails.
  9. Yes, it will cost £80 Billion, but that will be a start cost - look at every other project; how many have been on budget? It will also destroy a shite-load of quite pleasant countryside all for the sake of a 20 minute saving.

    Is it just me but wouldn't it be better just to get up 20 mins earlier?
  10. Cut the benefit system for people who have never worked in their lives.

    Cut the benefit system for people who have been signing on for longer than 12 months, if they cant get a job in that time, they dont want to work.

    No benefits for people who come here just to sign on, ie they have to work for at least 2 full years before being entitled to anything, and then they only get it for 6 months after that or they can go home.

    A full overhaul of the disability benefit system, far to many getting it when they dont deserve it, yet many who do deserve it have to fight tooth and nail to get the basics.

    Stop funding struggling countries that dont do enough to help themselves, Darwin theory should take over.

    Stop spending so much on prisoners comfort, basic cell, basic rations, its all they deserve.

    Make the unemployed earn their free money, buy doing community work, instead of paying some company over the odds to do basic functions.

    Stop all MP's perks, ie second homes, and all the other shite they can claim for, they wanted the job to supposedly serve the nation, they get a fair wage, so use what you earn instead of asking for more.

    Pull out of the EU, we need to look after our own without the laws of unelected governments deciding what we should do.
  11. Don't bother with taxing texts or e-mail, tax politicians on soundbite policy statements, cliche ridden press releases and all the media appearances they make

    1st soundbite per week £1000 subsequent £50 increase. Week to start Sun Midnight
    1st Cliche £1000 subsequent £100 again on weekly basis
    1st Media appearance other than background £10000 subsequent appearances £10000, to clarify if they appear on Breakfast telly as a guest they pay, if their image is used in a news report they don't pay. If they do a talking Head they pay. If they are going to claim for everything then they should have to pay some back

    Cut Civil Servant numbers at the top, Same for the number of the seperate departments. Do we need a minister of Justice & a Home secretary for example, no doubt both have a full civil servant staff level, once again combine the 2 and slim the staff down to 1 top level civil servant and really pyramid it down. This is no less likely in a number of other areas.

    Some more realistic Ideas

    Raise tax threshold to 15k, cut benefits to max 12k per annum except where the physical/ physcological nature of disability means not able to work (key being able! not available), only in those circumstances do they gain other benefits.
    Get rid of Child tax credits
    Child benefit to be available for 1st child at current rates, 2nd 75%, 3rd 50% and so on, but only where Principal figure(Mother) in child life is either in stable relationship or working. Multiple Fathers of 3 or more children reduce child benefit by 50%
    Few other ideas which I may post later
  12. It feels like a bit of a coincidence to see a thread on this topic, which was much in my thoughts around 10:00 this morning. (Actually I was prompted by thoughts about MoD budgets, after seeing an outrage thread about Naval cocktail parties.)

    I Googled "Socialist Budget" and, without wanting to spend long searching, came up with this by Kelvin Hopkins MP.

    I don't know how long ago it was written. It doesn't have a lot of detail. I expect I could find better? But I cannot see that there is much in that basic framework that I (or anyone except the filthy rich) would dissagree with?
  13. Or posting on forums

  14. Great idea, the right to post on forums, but only for people who actually earn a wage and pay taxes!

    Bye Whet ;)
  15. A whole twenty minutes. I was expecting a somewhat quicker response to Whet's post. :lol: