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You canna beat a nice pint of deuchars IPA, possibly with a wee hauf to chase it down...

If going exotic, can I recommend Argentina's finest, Quilmes? It is pronounced "quim" and as such can lead to hours of drunken giggling fun in bars staffed by ladies! A taste of your finest Quilmes madam!


McMullens Country Bitter is a fantastic pint on draught. Otherwise any ale by Badger Breweries, Charlie Wells, Theakstons, Fulllers, the list is endless
The Earl of Lichfield pub opposite dr johnson's House in Lichfield...great beers and top sarnies...
Already mentioned, but anything brewed by Timothy Taylor. The Landlord excels, draught only though as stated. The Best Bitter is a perfect 'session beer', and refreshingly in today's world the Golden Best mild also bears up well. In the 'darker months' Ram Tam is a dark and nutty delight, but rather strong for long-term use, as it leads to insobriety and a very loose arrse!
Your all talking pish. Get a gallon of Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild down your gregory... If you can find it


oldbaldy said:
In this neck of the woods Adnams is always a welcome sign.
Bitter for a session & Broadside at other times.
They also do seasonal beers which are well woth a look:
Beers from the coast
You Sir are obviously a man of good taste. Addies always tastes better when drunk in Southwold!

Since the sad decline of Ridleys, its my tipple of choice.


War Hero
Fox's knob (pardon the word but that is its name) marvelous ale, I got some from the lake district but have long since run out.

p.s. nice to see that ARRSE has not gone too effeminate with a cookery section.
Adnams, Tim. Taylors Landlords (draught), Gales before before Fullers got their claws into them, Red Back- a wheat beer (Western Oz),
Beer - Speckled Hen
Lager - Kronenbourg 1664
Spirit - Bombay Sapphire Gin

Special mention Guinness and Port (any)
Samuel Adams Beer-proof that the Yanks can do something properly (apart from Hooters obviously). You can get it in TGI Friday's (£3 a bottle) and you can also buy it online. I could drink gallons of the stuff in one sitting easily.
Herfy, preferably ten of 'em and packed in a nice yellow box with a blue handle.


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Shepheard Neame Bishops Finger, actually anything by Shepheards Neame is good. Fullers Pride. Carlsberg Elephant - In Denmark.

There used to be a botlled beer by name of Barclays Imperial Russian Stout, brewed by Charringtons, does anyone know if it is still available?
Badger are a strange brewery, because they can brew such wonders as England's Gold, Fursty Ferret and the truly masterful Tanglefoot, but then throw out sh1t like Golden Champion (smells of flowers for fcuks sake), Golden Glory (tastes of peaches?!?!?), and the truly disgusting Blandford Fly with ginger in it?


Why ruin really good beer by putting that sh1t in it?

Oh and Spitfire - always hits the spot, every time.
12volts said:
Warsteiner, Munster = Headache fodder.
Mmmmmmmmmmm Wobbly, having a few as I type :worship:

All hail wobbly :D

Becks gives me a massive headache :x
Fursty Ferret is spectacular, Most things from Shepherds Neame. Timothy Tailor is fantastic - have it on fridays after work. Always hit the spot.


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OK its an Aussie beer but not a lager! Coopers Sparkling Ale very nice!

Ruddles County

Greenwich Meantime beers

Fullers London Pride

Youngs Double Chocolate Stout

the list goes on, it'd be easier to list the ones I don't much like!

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