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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by carpetsfm7sr94champs, May 27, 2005.

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  1. I Love the Army . Who's with me ? Hold the line and all that ! Giving Orders fukkin brill , being ali as you like even though were as chippy as. Not only that you get a mighty fine wage for whinging on websites . What a life! Talk about living the dream, gift.
    Remember our country is proud of every single one of us.
    Thats it lets go to a night club and celebrate , if they let us in.
  2. carpets is board today
  3. yet again carpets is coming out with his random thoughts!!
    You really should tell the voices in your head to be quiet, they seem to be mentally disturbing you!!

    P.s. Enjoy the rest of your course!
  4. carpetsfm7sr94champs

    Fcuking A. Lean (or was once) mean fighting machine. Live it. Sod being a civie or any other service.

    God Save the Queen and lets invade France. Hurrah! (In a load and very childish voice).
  5. What job gives you wednesday afternoon off to go and get leathered ? I mean errr playing squash - or turn up on Friday still rinsed and smelling of some trout you pulled earlier that morning and then knockin you off early for your troubles ? Quality.
  6. #

    I'll have you know i had to work till 10 o'clock this friday. It was murder i tell ya (i was really hung over).
  7. If you think about it, we work 4 days a week....thats only 16 days a month.....get paid a small fortune.....get to travel (?) the world....obviously if your at a decent unit i mean.....192 days a year.......bloody hell now i have typed it i am indeed amazed at how mint the army is!!!!! Money for old rope i believe the saying is.....

    The Army rocks.....long live the Corps and all of its sister Arms!!!!
  8. For gods sake man, keep quiet or everyone will want to join. That or some bloody time and motions man from Bliar's mob will be round for a study, next thing you know, we will all be doing 5 day weeks 8O
  9. g3ops thanks for puting me back on the right track..all is now done